Powell Bro Serial Numbers List

If you have or know of someone who has a Powell Mini Bike no matter what condition or shape please post the serial in this thread.
The serial number will be stamped into the frame on the upper frame rail just in front of where the front fork connects to the frame..Thanks

Steve Durham and a few others who own Powell are trying to put together as much info on the Powells as possible and need this info for a future conversation with Allen Powell son of one of the late Powell Brothers.
Here a list of Powell's I have and a few more from some friends.

(1) 1352-B (2) 2289-C (3) 2575-D (4) 2611-D (5) 2899-D (6) 5054-E

(7) 5255-E (8) 6787-JL (9) 6879-L (10) 6971-MO


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I posted this in july last year.
bayareas, powells. Red serial # 5255-E, Blue serial # 6971-MO and monty, powells, Red serial # 3220 - D, Black serial # 5333 - F macs powells 4957-E 5697-H, and my powell 3177-D and 6854-J how about injun? he had a D type I think.
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Florida Powell's

Can you share them with the rest of us?
Well Robert is a lucky guy he also has 3 Powell's # 1 6233 - J # 2 6562 - J
# 3 1177 - C . I am wondering just what questions to ask Allen ?
Or course the date of manufacture and to whom it was sold and the date of sale if different than manufacture date.
Looks like you guys have a good start of numbers for the Powells. I am curious about the info and how to break the vin numbers down to understand what they mean and so on like the letters might stand for dealers, numbers stand for year and production sequence. I don't even own a Powell but I'm interested in knowing. Then all I need to do is have one of you find me a Powell to restore. Good luck on this venture with your Powells it will make the site more interesting then it is already. Plus the history of these great bikes will be saved for future reference. Great job on getting the ball rolling.