1. D

    Need help with parts list for custom bike.

    I would like to build a custom tandem wheeled fat tire mini bike for the Alaskan back woods. Still need to finalize my drawing/design and part choices before ordering. Could use some assistance on decided parts, tire size, engine, etc. Questions: What size wheel/tire choice would be good...
  2. Fatboy04


    Has anybody tried to reach though the phone text or Emails to grab some of the :censure: people on the other end ? Let me know what works. :scooter:
  3. GustoGuy

    I bought a Rupp off Craig's list tonight

    I have been watching this for the last 21 days that it has been on Craig's list. At first it was $250 then it was marked down to $200 and finally tonight he marked it down to $100. Well I thought I would never ever see another Rupp roller with the wheels for $100 again so I gave him a call and...
  4. R

    Nice BC1300 on Craigs List

    No relation to me pretty nice Bonanza BC Yet and all the $$$$$ 1960’s Bonanza Hodaka BC1300SH Minibike – Refurbished
  5. O

    Is there a list of all mini bikes?

    Is there a comprehensive list of all mini bikes through the years? I would LOVE to see all the different manufacturers offerings and the old ads to see which ones I like the best and research them.
  6. ugmold

    Craigs List, Benelli Mini Bike

    Just saw this and thought I'd post (not mine) A little elbow grease... Benelli Mini Bike
  7. R

    MINI BIKE $100 Craigs List

    Not sure of the make $100
  8. jays0n

    Hemi Predator Governor removal parts list

    I have a Hemi Predator on my DB30 and have decided it's time to remove the governor, low oil sensor, etc. I've done tons of searching and can't seem to find a definitive parts list anywhere. I know that's likely because there are 100 ways to accomplish this. The only thing I don't really know...
  9. JohnnyTillotson

    Local Craigs list for sale. What is it?

    Looks clean and in good shape. Just curious what it is. Got the collapsible handle bars. Doesn't seem original.
  10. Dragbikemini

    List go kart for sale?

    Where could I list a go kart on here? Tanks
  11. cheezy1

    2016 Official Red Nose list....

    This is the official list of members that signed in blood that they will participate and follow through with the deal. If you do not see your name on this list...please let us know. These are in no specific order. If you are building more than one bike..only one needs to be completed. That being...
  12. R

    TACO MINI BIKES Craigs List Souther Cal

    ventura for sale "taco mini bike" - craigslist
  13. R

    Nice Super Clean LiL Indian on Craigs List

    Not mine No relation just a very clean bike Vintage 1971 Ruttman Spyder and Lil Indian mini bike
  14. CCS Charger Price/Accessory List

    CCS Charger Price/Accessory List

    Late 60's CCS Charger Price & Accessory List
  15. Danny01

    212 predator mods list?

    don't want to seem lazy or anything but can you guys list all the modifications you can do to the 212, besides like nos?
  16. rollin2

    I would like to list a Briggs and Stratton neon light for sale.Moderator help please

    Dont know what section to offer a Briggs and Stratton neon.Would like to see it go to someone here before i put it on ebay. So if a Moderator could tell me what section to list it. Thanks
  17. bikerboybenny8

    Iso parts... List!!!

    I need, (2) 410/350 x 6 inner tubes (2) Slick tires 410/350/ x 6 sprocket or drum w/ sprocket on it for 6 inch TRI-STAR rims. Message me!
  18. R

    RUPP TT-500 list on Ebay

    Vintage 70's Rupp Mini Bike Minibike TT 500 | eBay
  19. N

    Wanted: Looking for a manco big cat or trail scout parts. Look here for list

    Im looking for parts for a manco big cat or trail scout parts such as the jack shaft, rear sprocket , throttle, disk brake parts. Please feel free to call or text me at 419-346-5448. Im in northwest ohio.
  20. G

    New Craigs List Mini Bike Needs ID Please

    I thought this was a Rupp because of where the 2 top tubes are welded to the neck but that is all. Then it is like the larger Lil Indians but then again maybe a Ruttman? The front end almost looks like it came off a Honda but it fits the long neck perfect?? I am confused as heck. I will not...