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They blow up because they are cast and at a certain rpm the centrifugal force exceeds the hoop strength of the outer "ring". Because the flywheels are balanced, the magnets don't cause the blowup.
Makes me think I should weld up some scatter shields on my go carts. I use a gc160 honda on one and a flat head briggs 5 hp on the other. I use stock blocks but I run them wide open. Luckly I haven't had any problems so far. At least on the go carts the seat is in the way, with a mini bike your leg is right next to it.
Yep, I will have them in probably on Wednesday or Thursday of next week

If you want to "pre-order" PM me and I'll help you get it taken care of :thumbsup:
I know this thread is kind of old, but I thought I would add my own experience. I don't have pics, sorry.
When I was about 12 or 13, I had a little home made pieced together minibike with a 5 horse briggs, we had disconnected the governor and had fun racing it all over the fields behind my house. One day, I'm screaming along, not a care in the world when I suddenly hear and 'Chathunk' kind of noise followed by a whole lotta bad noise. My calves are getting soaked in hot oil. I hit the brakes and look down to see a giant hole in the front of the crank case, where my rod has popped right through. I am dang lucky it didn't hit me on its way out. My only injury was a ruined pair of jeans, some mild burns on my legs and having to push the bike a half mile home.

I count myself pretty lucky.
i have a 6.5 blue is fitted with arc billet aluminum flywheel , 18 lbs springs,stock carb with modifications,10.9 side cover bolts and no a billet rod for protecting your engine or for operator safety?it is in a gokart that we ride on a dirt track.we is me and my young sons.i have the flywheel at 8 degrees advanced.thanks
My uncle has had mowers explode far more catastrophically than that. And they are stock. Enough wear and tear, and its gonna go wether or not u have a governer. after market stuff is just gonna help make them last.
Heres my rod failure had a 6.5 clone with cam shaved head valve springs carburater fuel pump header no flywheel or rod the rod went first on my mini bike
Motor looks older than the bike. Lol

Since there has been a few post about this subject lately and with a few things that have come up, I am making this post.

We, at OldMiniBikes, suggest that when removing your Governor on your 6.5 hp clone or True Honda engine (including all engines discussed on this forum), that you take precautions. By precautions it is suggested that you use proper after market parts to prevent personal injury and/or injury to others.

The use of, but not limited to, a Billet Flywheel and Billet Rod are highly suggest when using these engines for anything other than there intended use and intended RPM range by the manufacture.

All threads with questions/comments about using a stock engine with the governor removed, including modifying stock parts (fin removal..ect), without proper precautions will be LOCKED and a link will be referenced to this thread.

Anybody suggesting the use of a stock engine without proper precautions is doing so on there own accord.

The opinions expressed by members/users of this forum do not reflect the opinions or advise of, its Owner, or its operators.

For reference if you think it does not happen please review the following.

Thank You korndog of the use of your video. Flywheel failure around 6500 rpm slightly modified stock flywheel..

Thank You Edwin for the use of the pictures. Flywheel failure same engine as above video

More Pics Thanks MiniDragBike for the use of the pictures.. Flywheel failure at about 6100 rpms slightly modified stock flywheel

Here is a Tec that had a rod failure. Found by Jeep2003 in another forum. Stock engine Gov removed

I will add more as I find them.. If you have more pictures of flywheel and rod failure please pm and/or add them here. Thanks

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This goes to show that billet rods are insurance but not guaranteed to not break... heres a billet rod blowing at 7000 rpms but it was a little low on oil also no loctite on bolts, nor was it torqued down, but still took a hell of a beating before it blew. but it is worth the money and strength.(i just got another today)
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hi im new to your site and wanted to check

i just posted a question about my baja warrior that im having issues with it not starting and im trying to get advice on what my problem could be and after posting it i noticed your post so i just wanted to clearify if my post was ok or if i need to remove it thank you for your time and advice i dont want to get banned so im just checking.. Ethan
I've got to put my 2 cents worth in this discussion. I just absolutely don't want to have to repair or replace the damaged engine. The labor would be mine, so all it would cost me is for parts. I'm just am too cheap to want to spend that money. Besides at 6'3" and 235lbs, minibikes are subject to enough punishment with me riding them at stock RPM's. I have a Tecumseh 5 horse around here somewhere with no governor and a self lightened stock flywheel that I modified when I was young and dumb- as opposed to old and dumb which is what I am now. When I can get around to it, I plan to put the Tec. back to original. As I've gotten older, I've become a lot more in conservative when it comes to taking care of my tools, equipment, machinery and all things mechanical. Now if I could just beat some of that into my son's head. All things considered- unless I was racing, the governor would stay in. Also I just picked up the 6.5 on sale for $99 at Harbor freight today.