Anything Goes! Scratch built Harrison

Found a tri-star for the rear. Should be here by the end of this week! It probably needs a lot of clean up, but it wouldn't be my first rodeo. (Man I hate cleaning those aluminum wheels)

I figured out a paint scheme so now I can work on the seat. Hopefully I can make my way to "The Foam Factory" this week and pick up some seat foam. The problem is that they close at 5 and they are not real close.

I bought my wife one of those Cricut machines for Xmas so I'm gonna have her make me an iron on decal for the back of the seat. Don't know how that'll turn out, but supposedly you can iron on to vinyl.
I actually worked on the bike a little tonight. I was able to make some of the Harrison rear brake cable stays and weld them in position to the frame. I started with some 3/8" diameter round stock at 3/4" long. Drilled a 1/4" hole through the center 5/8" deep. Then drilled a 1/8" hole the rest of the way through. Placement was 6 1/4" from the rear of the engine plate.

20190211_181333.jpg 20190211_181400.jpg 20190211_182536.jpg 20190211_183715.jpg
I got my tri-star wheel in the mail today and it was almost perfect. One wheel half was correct and the other half was from a narrower rim. 1/2" narrower. Ugh. Fortunately I had a correct rim half in the pile o junk that I somehow hung on to. Once the inner tube gets here I will assemble the rear wheel and sprocket.