taco bill's sex machine more than 2 wheels

okay guys i am going to try this. i have some real nice tacos and i cant get my self too cut one up. i bought a bonanza from a fellow member, heck why not cut the sucker up. its only a bonanza chopper. :facepalm:. not sure what engine i am going to use four choice's. its gonna be a trike. on the seriuos side. this is a bike that my father and i wanted to do way back in the 60's. just never got the time. my dad will be helping me on this project. even if we dont finish in time the build would be priceless.
been kinda busy. tore the bike apart and mocked it up. my dad is comming over tomorrow to help work on the bike. its his 88th bday. should be lots of fun.
setting up front forks.still waiting for front tire. rear axle using rupp go kart brackets. had to remove a little of the inner rim bearing seat to insert axle. waiting for hubs so i can machine them to fit. this weekend streaching the rear
frame 2'' and reraking the front fork.