Tecumseh Throttle/Big Block Repro Q&A !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, due to work this year I had set aside this project. Things are tapering off right now. I have samples being lazered out as I type this. I'll post an update early next week. Still a lot of work to do after final adjustments. However, I will continue to drive forward over the winter. Appologies for the long delay.
Regards, Joe51
Somebody else was just asking that.. I think Roccosbike built him a pretty sexy one.. You should be able to get something, the Tecumseh star engines are a factory racing 8 horse.. Making one is probably your best bet..
Why is this bracket even necessary? I too am in a pickle with this part. I have all the other parts. This one is proving to be very difficult to find. But I have other parts to terminate the cable on and I'm sure I can anchor the torsion spring against a bolt or something. Or have people tried to go without this part already and learned something I'm just not thinking of?? I've got two H60's I wanna use.