Vintage Tote Gote 760

Today was the day!!! I was going to break down the front wheel and get it ready for paint, a nice easy job or so I thought... ended up with the saber saw and my cutoff wheel and cut that sucker off!!! the tube even held air... I think I am going to see if I can find a another front wheel, as this guy was pretty pitted up after I sandblasted it.. but it will work for now.. And the temp got up in the 50s here so i put some primer on the frame its looking pretty good.. more stuff I don't have to do later.. 20190203_090950.jpg 20190203_092109.jpg 20190203_105303.jpg 20190203_105335.jpg
Bought this 12" tire changer from HF I bet 15 years ago.. it takes a lot of Muscle to mount a tire but it gets the Job done!! My Little 5am tire mounting morning.. One weeks difference for the front wheel Job done! Looking for another if anybody has one this guy is pitted... 20190209_103232.jpg 20190209_103434.jpg
Back from the warehouse, have all of it in the basement because its so dam cold outside in Garage even with the heat on! I know i have to let it sit for a week to harden up but I couldn't resist laying some parts on it... will bolt them down next weekend 20190209_142854.jpg
That was probably a good morning work out. lol. That wheel looks pretty good. I wouldn't worry about those pits but finding a better wheel would be nice. Looks 1000 times better.
I agree i'm looking for one but if I can't find one I'll just use this one.. the bike is far from Perfect, due to its history, and pits are part of that history, and It was a good work out, it sure doesn't get any easier, I bet i mounted 20+ wheels with that tool and I struggled every time...