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Tires are NOS 4.10/3.50-4 double indian head Carlisle. Will be on the hunt for 4 inch wheels. Judging by the 3183 serial number it should be a 1965 model year? I'm rather sweet on the small frame Lil Indians too!


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Nice choice , I restored a 1962 and 1963 LiL Indian , sold the 62 and still have the 63. The hardest part to find for that bike will be the Kelsey Hayes rear brake caliper. In 1964 the LiL Indians started using Briggs and stratton engines. You already got my vote ! Good luck.........
Oh, that's good starting point for a great project. My bike is very similar to yours, but someone put on a scrub brake. Will you please post close-up pics of the lower frame tubes from the engine plate back to the axle hole? I need to create caliper mount on the clutch side (I've got correct caliper for it), and I'd sure like to know how far it's supposed to look. Someone told me that my bike originally had a 2-spd trans, and that the mounts for it were used to hold the scrub brake. I'n not going to try to find a 2-spd trans, but I would sure like to put a caliper on it. Thx!

BTW, I was told you cannot tell the model year from the serial #?
More before photos.

For Tom S:
Measurements for your brake caliper brkts. Motor plate back to axle center. All are center line dimensions.

Large brkt: 1/8" thick, 3/4 wide, 2 1/2 long with 3/8 holes on 1 5/8 center. First hole is 3/8 from end.
Small brkt: 1/8" thick, 1/2 wide, 7/8 long with a 1/4 hole 1/4" from end.
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The seat was on another Lil Indian that I bought from my brother a couple years ago. Probably Ray Michrina at Allied Leisure. On bottom of seat written in black marker is "by acme".
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I love the Lil Indians, They are just the right size IMO. I have a cat slingshot project that I would trade in a heart beat for a lil indian!!

Looks awesome so far! Can't wait to see the finished product. :thumbsup:
Mid month progress photo

Here's where I'm at on January 10th.

Removed gusset plates at fork neck area.
Removed misc extra metal that had been added.
Made and welded on new seat & rear fender brkts.
Repaired motor mount slots.
Filled misc extra holes in frame.
Replaced foot peg tube.

More work needed in the fork neck area which is the next step. Then move on to the fork assy.
Looks like your making good progress! Metal work is such a tedious task. I listen to and also grind and cut all have to come home and do it outright sucks! Wish it was one of the steps you could skip but its probably one of the most important. Keep the updates and pictures coming!:thumbsup: