Vintage Class: Lil Indian of NorthEastMetal.

Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

Thanks guys. When sanding frame it looked to be either black or a light blue when new depending on where I sanded. The seat that I already had helped make the final color choice.
Before/after pics of the 3hp Briggs. My attempt at making it look older. Took awhile but I finaly sourced the missing choke assy parts thanks to a local small engine repair shop here in town. Muffler is now wrapped in black header insualtion. Next is to work out an air filter assy, order some chain, bolt down the motor and fab up a clutch/chain guard. Getting close to having a runner here.
Nearly finished. Will post a video soon. For now the Lil Indian is on the ground and went for it's first test ride moments ago. Just a few little things to take care of now...such as a shorter throttle cable!
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The Lil Indian is finished. Will post a video of it running/riding soon. Thanks for all the thumbs up comments guys. It's been a fun project. I'm rather partial to these small frame Lil Indians!

Before photo added for comparison. Have to thank Cheezy1 for gifting me the bare frame. It was rough no doubt, but we saved it.
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Looks like it rides good. :thumbsup: What size rear sprocket do you have on it? The 3hp on my mini bike doesn't accelerate as quick as yours does.