Wanna make a gas tank outta this

Got this super cool steam punk lookin old tymey oven tank and I want to make it a minibike tank. It's got no hole in the bottom. It looks as though a hose would go on that cap fixture and feed the oven that way. So how much of a pain in the arse is this going to be? My tiny brain is saying I just need to tap the correct size threads for a petcock into the bottom, connect fuel line and ride my minibike. No doubt I need correcting on that! So go! Please!!!



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you can take a brass reducer and solder it in the bottom of the tank like this one...just drill a hole, screw it in and solder.cut a groove about 1/8" wide about half way down one side so the gas can get to it if it's real low... 9c7a_12.JPG
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Thanks for that groove idea. Never would have thought of that in my tiny brain. Thanks ill try it next time. Already dropped it off at my neighbor the plumbers house.
Well my plumber kept blowing me off so I simply drilled a hole and screwed in the parts. I JB welded under and around the plate piece. I think it'll be fine. I can always JB weld some more if an leaks appear.