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I saw that you were looking for a Nice BONANZA MX I have one Thats being built everyting is basically new it was all original one i first found it
Well been buying parts for weeks sold other project for the funds but got some good stuff .
I have Predator 212 got all the performance stuff you can get for it . got me a nice vintage round 1 1/2 gal.fuel tank .
Looking forward to getting started. Witch will be sooner than latter
Hi I hear you redo seats. I have a couple that need done. You can reach me at 907-347-4941
Send me a message in a PM. I just saw this.
Hey, I heard you make custom seats. Can you make me one? You can contact me at 703-232-6750 or email me at
Hi back on March 11th I asked if your Ruppster was still available and you answered YES. Unfortunately I did not see your answer until a much later date. How may I contact you to discuss purchasing it? Thanks, Brian 847-878-5409
Joe, I need one of your mini-bike throttle brackets for an H35 Ruttman. 72-73. Do you have any available?
I have a few in process. Heading out of town for a week in a few hours. Will contact you when I return. Regards, Joe