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Got the 212 installed and torque converter alignment giving me trouble, but I can definitely feel the difference from stock. Feels like a completely different bike. Also found my before pics. Will post project pics soon.
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Hi if you want the best of the best in West bend work done and maybe even some parts, The number # One authority in the USA is Frank Moore in Ohio
He is getting older and soon will retire . I have all of his contact info if you need help.I am in Reno but frank is in the Mid WesT
How's it going fellow trike owners!?!? Does anybody know on that tri-rod trike the ignition switch did it have a particular key just for the tri-rod or was it the key for the 340 Kohler motor?
Mine's is a 1974 I have to look at the exact model number but it came stock with the 340 twin cylinder 2-stroke Kohler motor my VIN numbers and information is on the neck of the frame and on the motor matching numbers