1. jeep4me

    Couparral 2-stroke...10hp

    Selling this motor I recently picked up. Couparral 2-stroke. 10hp, tillitson carb. Missing the recoil. Was originally on a vintage snowmobile. I haven't tried starting it, turns over freely and feels like it has good compression. Asking $160, plus shipping. PayPal preferred.
  2. jeep4me

    Couparral 2-stroke

    I recently picked up this little Couparral 2-stroke engine. The guy I got it from said it came off from a small snowmobile he had when he was a kid. Anybody have any knowledge on this type of engine? I'm thinking it could possibly work on a minibike.
  3. Hounddog

    Chris Cycle

    I recently found a nice Chris Cycle. It has an air/fan cooled 2-stroke....Does anyone have any information? Thanks HD
  4. Cuyuna 215cc

    Cuyuna 215cc

    Fitting is the crankcase pulse for a Mikuni fuel pump. My engine lacks a carb or pump. I want both.
  5. Cuyuna 215cc

    Cuyuna 215cc

    Fully enclosed centrifugal clutch on left. 2nd plug wire is a spare. This engine has never been run.
  6. Cuyuna 215cc

    Cuyuna 215cc

    Brand New Cuyuna 215cc engine. CDI igniton and belt-drive fan. Small heavy muffler indicates this is a B or C engine with 6 to 8 HP rating. Larger muffler indicates a D series with 20 HP. Fitting is the crankcase pulse output for a Mikuni fuel pump.
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    group shot
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    6.5 OHV tecumseh powersport
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  10. engines


    honda clone 50cc
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    2 stroke
  12. CR powered 2 stroke minibike

    CR powered 2 stroke minibike

    Honda CR 2-stroke powered minibike, totally overpowered, a handful at least
  13. The_Ruppster_86

    Yamaha YZ80 2-Stroke Engine

    Hi all, About 3 weeks ago I acquired a '77 Yamaha YZ80 engine at work. I was contemplating the idea of using the engine on a vintage bike. See the thread Creia created: http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/general-minibike-talk/82777-yamaha-2-stroke-engine-mini-bike.html We are going to do...
  14. Clayon

    Keystone 2-Stroke TAS Survivor.....kinda

    Hi there everybody, I picked up this bike Monday evening. It is actually in really good shape, and hasn't been molested. The plan is to tear it down, polish everything, get the motor running, and leave the seat and paint on the frame and the tank original. Sent from my iPhone using...
  15. Clayon

    TAS 2-Stroke Spark Plugs

    What spark plugs are you Keystone TAS 2-stroke owners using for that motor? My bike has a AC CS45 but I am wondering if there is maybe a NGK equivalent? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. MoTo-BunnY

    ROTAX 185 cc, 2-cycle 9HP Engine from Wajax "Pacific Pumper Mark 3" Fire-Fighting Rig

    This is a Rotax of Austria 185cc 2-stroke engine, all aluminum with steel cylinder insert, that came off of a fire fighting rig that consists of a pack-board frame and stainless tubing. It was designed to be backpack-able to remote locations and put to use fighting forest fires and they remain...
  17. creia

    Yamaha 2-stroke engine on a mini-bike?

    Has anybody here ever done it? If so, I would be very interested in your experiences, recommendations, specific challenges, photos, etc. We have a 1977 Yamaha YZ80 80cc dirt bike engine and are contemplating the idea. Michael
  18. jeep4me

    Small 2-stroke engine

    Selling this little 2-stroke engine. Not sure if it's a Tecumseh, Lauson or early Toro. Not sure on the HP either, my guess would be 1.5 - 2.5hp. It has a 5/8" shaft. Includes nice vintage, complete, air filter. Had plans for it but have since changed directions on that project. I had it...
  19. YOOP

    YAMAHA 3-WHEELER, 125 2-stroke

    anybody know anything about these.this ones for sale near me.says it runs great and is in excellent condition.looks pretty good in the pics.what year might it be?
  20. Motra

    Tecumseh/Power Products 2-Stroke

    This is an AH47 model. I haven't tried to start it but it feels like it rolls over OK with compression. $70.00 shipped.