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  1. Sixpac440

    Kevlar TAV belts VS Genuine Comet Belts?

    I always buy genuine Comet belts. I need a 203590 and have found this in a Kevlar version .. Is this better than a genuine Comet? KEVLAR DRIVE BELT COMET BANDO 203590 MANCO 6959 ASW VECTOR HAMMERHEAD 9.110.018 | eBay
  2. Not so mini bike

    Torque converter belts

    2 belts. For 30 series Tc. Number 203590. Believe I ordered these for a scat kat I had believe it was the old school comet plate tc setup if that helps. I also posted a pic of the belt chart so you can measure. One is. Rand new other has extremely light use on it. Maybe like 30mins to test...
  3. thejoker

    FS nos Comet belts

    $30 each shipped paypal only add 3 percent or send as a gift.
  4. steven Durham

    Comet belts

    For sale a couple of unused Comet symmetrical belts. # #1 is Comet part number 203587A for a 11 inch OC for a 20 series or 340 series use. #2 is Comet part number 203586C for a 10 3/4 inch OC for a 20 series or 340 series use. Price for the pair $25.00 plus shipping from Portland...
  5. D

    3/4" drive belts

    I'm assuming these "kelvar" belts are a new thing (Kelvar 1958??) What did they use previously.. Just a regular V belt? Reason being... I've got (basically) a 20 set-up, but my "shaft to shaft" is 15" Longest "comet type" belt I can find is 12-13" or so. Rather than going to a whole new...
  6. 7

    Rupp roadster II belts

    Ordered the wrong ones for my 70, these should work on the 71 and later from my research, but please check $24 shipped
  7. C

    Rupp and Other Torque Converter Belts Info

    Just wanted to post this for info for anyone who is looking to buy a TC belt or is having issues with one they purchased. Would also like to know if this is even a potential issue? I just received 3 new Gates 6061 "Sportline" belts that I bought online (as a substitute for the original Comet...
  8. steven Durham

    Comet Belts

    I have two new Comet 20 series belts # 1 Comet # 203587A # 2 Comet # 203586C Price is $15.00 each take your pick, or take both I take pay pal and money orders, and ship with USPS Steve :scooter:
  9. steven Durham

    Comet Belts

    I have 2 new Comet 20 series belts #1 Comet # 203586C #2 Comet # 203587A PRICE IS FIRM AND SOLD EACH FOR $ 15.00 EACH PLUS SHIPPING FROM PORTLAND, OREGON 97229 I accept pay pal and money orders And use USPS for shipping Steve :scooter:
  10. steven Durham

    comet Belts

    I have two new Comet belts one is 20 series part numbers on belt 884-110 DF 203586C The other belt is a 30 series belt part # 203593 Price is firm @ $15.00 each your choice SOLD SOLD SOLD SOLD Shipping is from Portland, Oregon 97229 with USPS I do take Pay-Pal Steve :scooter:
  11. W

    Tri-Sport drive belts

    The drive belt on my TS290 is very loose. A couple inches of deflection. The belt IS worn but Im not sure if it is even the correct size. Does anyone have info on the belts use on this model? It has the CCW290 engine and I believe a salsbury 780 clutch. The current belt is 42.5" in circumference...
  12. E

    Rupp drive belts

    Does antbody know what the diffrence is between the drive belt for a 70 roadster #15162 and the drive belts for 71 and newer bikes #17617? I see there is a diffrent belt guard too. The 15162 number crosses to a gates 6083 that is available but it's over an inch wide and like 43 inches log.
  13. james c

    comet tc 88 belts

    wanted tc 88 belt #s 203282 and 202683
  14. GraveBugger

    belts, belts, and more belts

    any one know a good way to fix a broken drive belt?
  15. Yellowhand

    New Torque Converter Drive Belts

    New torque converter drive belts... Ten belts each of the four brands and part numbers in the first pic... Forty belts total... All are new, 100% condition, brand name aramid/kevlar belts... All are 7/8" top width-3/4" bottom width, 30 degree symmetrical belts... The different...
  16. 5

    Is there a name for pulleys & belts with teeth?

    I was wondering if they have a name for it because I can't seem to find any.:shrug:
  17. L

    Belt Removal Please Help

    I need help removing the belt from the starter/generator to the engine. I never had to experience anything like this so can anyone please help me. P.S. I know this is the wrong site but I think its o.k. in the off topic discussion. Thanks Nick
  18. george3

    Wanted comet belts

    Need two different comet belts. yes I know bmi has them for 20.00 ea. but if you have what I need here is your chance to sell them. comet 20 series belt 203586A. and comet 30 series 203593.