1. S

    StevieRay's - 69 Bonanza Chopper - (Just For Fun)

    1969 Bonanza Chopper - Just For Fun Class This was my Christmas present in 1969. I started customizing around 1973 but never finished. It was stored in my Mom's attic for 40+ years until she passed away. Thanks everyone for the inspiration! Stevie Ray
  2. R

    Original fiberglass (bonanza mx / bc ) gas tank !

    I am selling a BONANZA original MX / BC top mount gas tank.These are very hard to come by in this condition. Included original mounting brackets and hardware with .The tank is free of any dings ,cracks or any damage Filler neck is in good condition along with original pit-cock. Mounting studs...
  3. R

    BONANZA correct Powder coat color

    Hi getting ready to get several Bonanza mini bikes powder coated.I do not want to have these painted. Does anyone have the correct ( Prismatic) powder coat color for this match. Thanks Robertt8883
  4. Phil1958

    WTB Hodaka ACE 100 and Bonanza Exhaust.

    I want a running complete Hodaka Ace 100 Engine, no basket cases. The expansion chamber must be solid, serviceable, and repairable. nothing that cannot be repaired. PM me with pics and your price including shipping to New York 13679. :thumbsup: phil
  5. Not so mini bike

    Bonanza original grips and throttle (Cherry)

    These are 7/8" throttle and grip set. Throttle housing and grips and cherry. Great condition. One scuffed spot on the dummy grip. $60 shipped.
  6. M

    New member working on a Bonanza MX Disco (I think)

    Hello, New to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself. I am new to Mini Bikes, always liked them just never got around to getting one. I am really into restoring old muscle cars and have several in progress but none of mine are complete lol. I was recently at my fathers place and found...
  7. J

    Bonanza model kit MISB on ebay

    There is a mint model kit on ebay Bonanza Mini Bike. I don't know how to post a link,sorry:shrug:
  8. trinik7597

    Bonanza lowers

    Have a complete set of Bonanza fork lowers $75 shipped throttle and grips $45 shipped original front pegs $25 shipped
  9. M

    Bonanza frame and forks wanted

    Bonanza front peg BC1000 frame and forks. I'm trying to duplicate my first Bonanza I bought in 1963. The parts can be rusty crusty as I need them for patterns. Marv W in Bonny Doon Ca.
  10. trinik7597

    Bonanza BC1200

    Selling my Bonanza bike is ready to roll minus a carb and intake engine is a Honda gx160 . Original cherry grips and throttle , original gopowers , original fork boots and foot pegs , sebac shocks , damn near perfect original badge . Seat I am keeping need it for another project . $450 would...
  11. Midyrman

    Bonanza Axle Bolts

    Looking for the front and rear axle bolts and nuts. This is for a mid-peg BC1200. 8 inch length seems about right (5/8ths) but please chime in if you have more to add. Thanks. Tom
  12. mrpat

    Looking for a Bonanza BC front fender

    Hola gang, Looking for a Bonanza BC front fender. I would prefer a nice looking one, but would entertain a not so good looking one too. Thank you! Pat
  13. David wulf

    Bonanza BC 1300 mid peg roller

    Up for sale is my BC 1300 bonanza roller . Bike is pretty much stock except the original bars have been removed and a set of 1" bars bent by me installed . Also has a foot peddle brake . Paint is a base - clear and she has scooter tires on the go powers that are in perfect shape . Bike also has...
  14. D

    Bonanza BC1300sh gas tank dimensions?

    I have restored a 1968 Bonanza BC 1300SH with Hodaka motor. It came out great but I am not happy with the gas tank figment. Can anyone tell me the exact dimensions of the originally installed gas tank? Any help would be appreciated. I would also be interested in purchasing an original...
  15. OND

    OND's - Bonanza - (Vintage Open)

    Just one build for me this year ! Bonanza MX frame .....should be easy ..right ? This is it bare frame, swing arm, shocks and a jack shaft...nothing special. :grind::hammer::hack::weld: Let the fun begin ! Good Luck to all the builders this year !:thumbsup: I"M JUST GLAD TO BE...
  16. -mik-

    Bonanza in San Diego

    Hello from San Diego! Some great info on here!
  17. R

    Vintage Bonanza Sport mini bike hot !

    Vintage Bonanza Mini Bike Restored Motorcycle | eBay
  18. Bonanza with Honda gx160

    Bonanza with Honda gx160

    Original Paint is fair at best...
  19. R

    Bonanza -hodaka e code mini bike

    Just in time for Christmas.No relation to seller. Vintage Bonanza-Hodaka mini bike | eBay
  20. T

    Bonanza cr400 chopper parts wanted

    I have a semi-complete project Bonanza cr400. I have a roller that I have a tecumseh hs50 for. I'm missing a few things. -round gas tank -chain guard for the engine -seat cover/foam -kickstand assembly I'm sure Im forgetting something, If you have any bonanza chopper parts laying...