Mini Bike & Go-Kart Parts

  1. cattailhaas

    Was forty bucks to much ?

    Picked this up for 40.00. BC1100 I believe. It's missing the jack shaft plates and the foot peg tube seems wrong. The badge is also smaller and different than my other bonanza and most that I have seen. The bonanza letters on this badge are not embossed and it doesn't say USA next to san jose...
  2. Csmith16

    Got this and a doodle bug for $100 bucks. Fantic broncco?

    All I can get off of it because it's been painted so many times (once by me right after I got it) is Fantic Motor on the knob on the stem
  3. snoop

    Cat 250X for $5 bucks

    Hello Everyone, My name is Snoop. I am new to Mini bikes, Hell I never even saw one until I got mines. OK Last year I bought a Cat250x for $5 bucks off a neighborhood junkie, that he found in the trash. I just got around to working on it. I am doing a engine swap because the Briggs 2.5 hp...
  4. Sinner70

    What is it?

    picked this up recently for 40 bucks. Fox? ARCO?
  5. S

    need 4 ruining mini bikes to rent will pay 500$ for 1 nite

    howdy folks the band the mummies are headlining the BURGERBOOGALOO in Oakland California july 4th and need 4 running minibikes for there performance they are offering 500 bucks for 1 day rent and tickets to the event i am letting them use my 1960 go kart cycle big bear scrambler for there...
  6. Minibikejo

    Got a new project. I thinks it's a bird duck? Not sure the year?

    I not sure if this is s good find or what I only paid 40 bucks for it. If any one has any info on this bike let me know
  7. trailramdan

    Heald super bronc

    10 horse VT 10. Runs good. New carb and belt. Good ol . Bike...70 bucks located in stout Iowa email mrhorsepower1966@gmail.com for pics
  8. S

    Almost 30 years

    Hey everybody I'm new to the group from south TX and I am starting to rebuild a mini for my son that's 12. However I have owned this mini for almost 30 years I bought it before I was 10 at a garage sale for 5 bucks and im now 35... I would like any insight as to what brand it might have been...
  9. bikerboybenny8

    Bonanza mini bike

    Still got my Bonanza for sale. No forks just frame and swingarm. Mid frame mount footpegs. One of the mounts is gone. 100 bucks obo text me for pictures. 8147903952
  10. Jrturbo

    Got this Rupp today

    Got this Rupp today, anyone know what year this might be? Looks like they cut off the headlight tabs on the upper forks. got it for 100 bucks. Thanks
  11. Mark G

    MTD Parts

    Kickstand and frame brackets. Nice shape. $35 bucks shipped. Footpegs with original covers, great shape, will clean up nice. $20 bucks shipped. Parts came off of this bike:
  12. Jrturbo

    Is this really a Bonanza?

    Is this Mini a bonanza? Guy wants 100 bucks. Thanks
  13. Mark G

    NOS NEW OLD STOCK Super Bronc Speedometer Cable

    I took some pics of a NOS cable next to my original. The old one measures roughly 28" overall, the NOS one measures 26". The stockers run a little long so these fit fine. I would like $25, shipping should be around six bucks or so.
  14. S

    Hey Chipper and anyone in South Louisiana looking for tires

    Golf cart, Mini bike, Go Kart and trailer tires on rims This guy has a ton of tires for minibikes/gokarts. 10 bucks a pop. It looks like they have rims too.
  15. Jag57

    ebay alert nice rolling frame for $50 bucks with seat / California

    Mini Bike Chopper Frame No Motor w Tires Big Seat and Shocks | eBay
  16. buckeye

    Go Bucks

    Of course I am a Buckeye fan of The Ohio State University. Go Bucks!! Pluck the Ducks.lol
  17. cheezy1

    Lil Indian caliper..buy now 65 bucks.

    In case someone is looking for one. Mini Bike Parts | eBay
  18. Bobscooters

    HF welding table

    anyone see these welding tables on sale at harbor freight, last time i welded on my portable plastic table i melted a spot:doah: yeah i know. might go see if they are worth $50. bucks. Adjustable Steel Welding Table
  19. capguncowboy

    Anyone in the Little Rock Area want to make a few bucks for their time?

    I've got something I want to buy, but the guy won't ship. It's not anything big, but I would need you to pick it up, box it up and ship it. I will gladly pay you for your time and cover your expenses. I looked at the user map, but didn't see anyone in the area that I recognized. Thanks!
  20. bikebudy

    I need some Mini Bucks

    Selling off some stuff for more Mini Bucks in order to finish projects. Hate to sell and will most likely wish I didn't, LOL #1) NOS Teal Blue Metal-flake Sissy Back pad, Not in package & missing Hardware. Hunter Orange backing. 12" Tall x 5 1/2" at bottom & 4 3/4 at top. Has metal...