1. jeffdubb8

    NOS Broncco Chain Guard

    Hard to find... broncco chain guard | eBay
  2. T

    Manco Thunderbird question

    I have a 593-00 Manco Thunderbird. I paid 40$ for it from a friend, and my dad thinks it's not worth anything but scrap metal. It has a 5hp Briggs OHV motor, and it just needed a chain and carb clean, it runs but it won't idle just shuts off. Bought a chain for 16 bucks on eBay. Is putting...
  3. F

    Blue Bike project is up for sale

    This started as a standard new AZUSA mini bike frame and 6 inch wheel kit w/drum brake. I fabricated ahacustom springer front end, rear swing arm suspension, spring seat mount, chain tensioner, chain adjustment plate, chain guard and foot peg mount. All custom parts are BOLT ON to standard AZUSA...
  4. F

    Latest project

    Hey everyone. Here's a pic of my latest project. This started as a standard AZUSA frame, fork and 6 inch wheel kit. I made a custom bolt on front springer, rear swing arm, spring seat mount, chain tensioner, chain gaurd and foot peg mount. Every thing is bolt on. Suspension works great and it...
  5. S

    RLV chain and chain breakers

    Got myself in a pickle today it seems, bought a box of RLV gold/gold chain and much to my dismay, it does not fit in my #35 chain break. Anyone else had this issue? I bought my chain breaker from OldMiniBikes. Is there an RLV specific chain breaker? Thanks!
  6. doodlebug6.5

    Where Can I find cheap chain tensioners?

    Where could i find a tensioner and or what could i make one out of?
  7. Thad

    Another Rupp?

    Really I wish to find out which model and if the tri stars are original. It came with a kick stand and a chain guard but no fenders! Strange! Thanks for the help!
  8. S

    Chain Tensioner or No ??

    I'm in the process of assembling a Predator upgrade and a jack-shaft.... The existing chain tensioner spindle is about the same level as the sprocket on the jack-shaft but is several inches closer to the rear (if used as is) it makes the chain take a sharp angle up and then...
  9. M

    F/S Pair of Chain Guards

    Two chain guards, great shape. $20.00 shipped to ConUS.
  10. T

    Chain problems ?or something more?

    A friend of mine picked up A Alexander Reynolds minibike on Craigslist.since we are having a heatwave in Cleveland we thought we would take it out for a spin.with the throttle wide open the chain bounces aggressively and eventually falls off. We moved the engine forward to tighten the chain (not...
  11. trinik7597


    might as well be brand new max torque clutch 12 tooth 35 and 43 inches of 35 chain $25 shipped :thumbsup:
  12. EricDett

    Swing-arm and Jackshaft sprockets very close

    I have taken a picture of the underside of my minibike. The sprockets on the jackshaft are both 15 teeth. The distance between the tipss of the teeth and the shaft of the swing-arm is only about 1/4". Is this normal? Or should the sprocket on the engine driveshaft side have fewer teeth so that...
  13. dakota

    Motovox Clutch & Chain

    like new Clutch & Chain off my girlfriends bike, very little use -$20 + $5 shipping
  14. aranhawaii

    OldMiniBikes Chain Guard

    Chrome OldMiniBikes Chain Guard Have one you wanna sell me? OldMiniBikes is out of stock.
  15. cheezy1


    For those of you bidding on this little gem....I heard there might be an original chain guard for one popping up on there Sunday/Monday.:wink: If the shipping wasn't so much...I would be bidding on it also. Don't see too many for sale.:no: Vintage Super RARE George Barris Super Stocker Mini...
  16. doodlebug6.5

    Chain Tensioner

    I have a doodlebug with the 6.5 honda clone engine. Is the tensioner needed to keep the chain from popping off as well as keeping it tight?
  17. J

    Chrome Murcury Clutch

    I have a chrome Murcery Clutch. It is for a 5/8" shaft that is keyed. Chrome is very nice. It is a 12 tooth for a 35 chain. It has the original set screws also. $80.00 plus shipping.
  18. catfishman

    rupp roadster

    i am selling this for my old neighbor, it is a 1970 rupp roadster. the rear fender is shot, someone welded it back together. the motor spins, so not locked up, but not running at this time. no kickstand, or chain guard. he is asking $425 obo. pick up in st.louis, mo. cash only. no shipping
  19. thejoker

    bonanza guard

    I have a bonanza chain guard that i would like to trade for cat parts. I am looking for cat parts such as a long chain guard, duster fender set and so on. Please pm me your number and we can exchange pictures. Thanks Joe
  20. 125ccCrazy

    Comet clutches

    Comet 30 series driver with new center hub, 3/4" bore $30+ship New Comet centrifugal 5/8", #35 chain $ 18 plus ship