1. T

    San Diego, CA Powell Challenger with front brakes new Tecumseh HS40 $550

    Due to unfortunate circumstances I have to sell my Powell Challenger. I was in the middle of a resto-mod but now I have to sell it. Newly painted frame, black with silver accents. Tires are good and holds air, Chrome still shines. I'm asking $650. LMK if thats a fair asking price. Local pickup...
  2. jeep4me

    1968 Powell Challenger

    I recently bought this bike back and now, due to some unforeseen bills, I need to sell it. 1968 Powell Challenger. New painted 5hp Briggs I/C motor. Runs and rides good. Original chain guard is included, but not pictured. The cracks and oversized holes were fixed and the entire guard has been...
  3. T

    Powell Challenger or Phantom 7

    It looks like a Powell Challenger with a modified rear suspension setup and Comet Torq-a-Verter. It also has front drum brakes like a Phantom 7? Foot rests are angled at the heel? Frame stamped 5025 E. Thanks for the help.:thumbsup:
  4. H

    2015 BUILDOFF ENTRY Open Class Powell Challenger

    Powell Challenger Serial Number 5615E. This is a budget build. It will be solid and period correct down to the engine serial number. But it may not be shiny red, and shiny chrome. Going for a solid third place here, for the OldMiniBikes discounts. A thousand dollars of chrome and fresh paint...
  5. H

    Powell Challenger Parts Wanted

    Need Tecumseh exhaust and throttle cable for Powell Challenger. (Still) I cant find original post, but I still need em please.
  6. E

    WTB Powell Challenger Mini bike

    Hello everybody, I'm french and I bought several mini bikes in USA. Now I'm looking for a Powell Challenger for my new project. I'm in love with this bike. Does someone want to sell his? Or do you know where I could find parts? I will help and manage shipping. Best regards, Ed.
  7. gobigorgohome

    powell challenger

    looking for parts for a powell parts front rim and seat bracket and rear brake and pully set up as well please pm me :grind:
  8. D

    powell challenger FS

    Here is the Craigslist link: Powell challenger mini bike
  9. B

    Powell Challenger

    I've decided to sell my Powell since I have moved to the suburbs. The project has had no advancement because of 2 moves for 2 different jobs in 2 different states. $500 you pay all shipping cost.
  10. jeep4me

    1968 Powell Challenger

    Selling one of my Powell Challengers. I believe it's a "C" model. Currently it's not running. Has a 5hp Briggs with the original shroud and throttle hook up on the carb. Also has the original clutch cover, clutch and seat bracket. Missing the original throttle control, one wing nut missing, no...
  11. L

    Powell Challenger

    I just picked up this powell challenger project, came with what I believe is the original belt/chain guard (plastic) not in the pictures.
  12. Powell Challenger

    Powell Challenger

    Just picked up another Powell Challenger
  13. Powell Challenger

    Powell Challenger

    Just picked up another Powell Challenger
  14. Powell Challenger

    Powell Challenger

    Just picked up another Powell Challenger
  15. Powell Challenger

    Powell Challenger

    Just picked up another Powell Challenger
  16. Powell Challenger

    Powell Challenger

    Just picked up another Powell Challenger
  17. S

    powell challenger

    hi, I recently got an old powell challenger mini bike. Have not been able to find out much on the company. Seems it was made on the west coast and not too many people on the east coast seem to know anything about them. Any help out there???
  18. L

    Powell Challenger Project

    This is my Powell Challenger Project. The stock spark arrestor is missing and there is a weld over the area of the serial #. I'm hoping to grind it down and ressurrect the #. The forks have a nut and bolt on the top of each fork and don't know if this is stock or some kind of modification.
  19. CarPlayLB

    Powell Challenger front wheel, steel half

    Hello All Just got my Powell steel side front wheel half back from powder coat...looks like sh&^% ! The media blaster went all the way through the rust in spots. Does anyone have a Powell front wheel, steel side? Cash or trades...what do you need?
  20. CarPlayLB

    Powell Challenger rear wheel half

    ...and thank God it is the steel half I need. I have a Powell that has the brake lining bonded into the steel wheel half, but it is rusted through in spots. Does anyone have one? Please! I am not a rich man, but I do have PayPal...please be gentle! I am a delicate flower!