1. Scottessey

    Scottessey's Powell Challenger

    Hey Fellas, I've been working on a Powell Challenger. I had a couple of separate threads on cleaning up the parts, so sorry for the redundancy. Big thanks to BayAreaBurrito for helping me get such a cool bike... and for helping me out so much to get it to where it's at so far. Here is what...
  2. Laharview

    New Powell Challenger

    Hi All, Just got this today and it looks very original with the exception of the paint color. After a short trip around the farm it was decided to do a complete tear down and restoration. The engine has been repainted except for a decal that says "Sold by Frankson's Scooter Mart, Glendale...
  3. powell h model

    powell h model

  4. G

    Looking for Powell Challenger parts

    Hello, I am restoring a Powell we have had in the family since the late 60's and am looking for a rear wheel, rear axel, chain, chain tension adjusters, spring for the swing arm and a shift bar. I am kicking myself for loosing these parts over the years in various moves. Any help/ideas where to...
  5. ErikR

    Complete 5 hp Powell Challenger (barn find)

    Here up for sale and one I hate sell:doah: is a complete Powell Challenger w/ all the correct Powell parts present with the exception of the throttle being modified at some point,but the original hardware is still intact. I noticed a couple of thing's that were wrong with the overall condition...
  6. Jeff Clark

    1970 Powell Challenger "Saving Grace"

    Im getting tired of people asking me to sell "Grace" Powell 4895-E, While Ed was giving free hand shakes I was giving free Grace rides, (Thanks Paul for the good time!!) but didnt help the issue... So here is the deal "Grace" might just be the most complete original unrestored E series Powell...
  7. David wulf

    Looking for powell challenger

    I know this is not the place to beg but my brothers and i had one when we were kids , and now we want one willing to pay very well any takers.:scooter:
  8. David wulf

    Wanting powell challenger

    My brothers and i had one , am thinking 1970 now it was the TEC 4 horse model had black plastic TQ converter cover. we want to find one cost really doesn't matter.
  9. Mac

    Bad Powell Challenger Reproduction Cover

    Bad Fiberglass Powell Challenger Reproduction Cover. The mold was made using a dented aluminum cover. Dent is on top-right face where clutch goes. You need some Bondo/filler and some sand paper to make it look nice. $25.00 each Delivered. 4 available. . If I have any left later I'll...
  10. bayareaburrito

    Powell Challenger 154-24

    This is a project that I'm sure will span a few years due to the complexity of it and its condition. With that said I believe it will be worth the effort in the end due to the previous owner and its rarity. Please feel free to post your comments or remarks as well as photos you might find...
  11. Simplex Challenger mark II

    Simplex Challenger mark II

    Two Challengers one homemade
  12. joemotis

    Here are some pictures of my new (to Me) Powell Challenger

    Hi folks my name is Joe, So Cal guy forever. This is my 3rd Powell the first one from 40 years ago is long gone but I have a restored to riding condition later model 4 hp swing motor and this later idler style I just bought . Will post the serial numbers soon. Am planning to sandblast it and...
  13. O

    Powell Challenger For Sale In So.Cal

    Looking to sell My 1969 Powell Challenger... Serial number is 2102-C, Its been in the family since new and I no longer have the time to do what needs to be done to it. What you see in the pictures is whats for sale... Its missing the engine, belt cover, cloutch and throttle tube. Asking...
  14. bayareaburrito

    Powell Challenger 154-24

    Here is an early no lettered Powell Challenger. Soon to be among the rest of the heard... :thumbsup::thumbsup: [/IMG]
  15. O

    Powell Challenger Parts Wanted

    Looking to get our powell challenger back on the road... looking for an engine and v-belt clutch set up, chain guard, throttle tube and engine shifter for a father & son restoration on our C challenger.. Any help would be great. Thanks in advance.
  16. O

    New Guy From So.Cal With A Powell Challenger

    Hello everyone, Just wanted to introduce myself... Im a new guy on this site that has been on here unregistered for a longgg time. I have a Powell Challenger (#2102C) that has been in the family for years and now me and my 13 year old son are bringing it back to life. Its a super nice all...
  17. DMR

    New Exhaust on my Challenger

    Made a before-after video for the new headers and exhaust on my Mopar Edition Challenger. Tell me what you think! YouTube - 2010 Challenger Mopar Edition JBA Headers Flowmaster Exhaust
  18. Rockwall

    Powell Challenger

    Well ... I picked this bike up many months ago but haven't had time to mess with it until last week ... Just cleaned it up and went completely through the Briggs ... This bike still has the original seat ... Sprayed some paint here and there ... Waiting on the throttle cable bracket and it's...
  19. Quickdraw

    Powell Challenger

    I have a early 70's Powell Challenger with a 6.5 clone, it runs well but needs paint and sprucing up. The chrome has some light surface rust and two small holes drilled in the handlebars, there are a few teeth on the rear sproket that are a little chipped but I don't notice any issues. I will...
  20. Quickdraw

    Powell Challenger

    I have a early 70's Powell Challenger with a 6.5 clone, it runs well but needs paint and sprucing up. I am more interested in trading for a Bonanza 1000 or 1100 of equal value. The chrome has some surface rust and two small holes drilled in the handlebars, there are a few teeth on the rear...