1. A

    Powell Challenger 2156-B

    For sale is a (what I believe to be) a 1967 Powell Challenger. I'm asking $525,OBO. No trades, and would prefer local pickup but if you arrange everything would consider shipping. I'm located in Los Angeles, more specifically Norwalk Serial # 2156-B The bike seems to be mostly all...
  2. B

    Powell Challenger rescued from Dad's shed

    Two days ago I didn't know the bike I pulled out of my Dad's shed was a Powell Challenger until I found this forum. It was never mine. The old man got it when I was 16 and I rode it may be twice, threw and lost the chain once which resulted in a ban from playing with this toy. I had my own...
  3. bayareaburrito

    Powell Challenger Model C

    Powell Challenger C model mini bike Restored Rupp Taco Cat Bonanza minibike in Other | eBay Motors
  4. JesseWulf

    Powell Challenger Swing Arm

    Powell Model H Swing-Arm, Swing-arm was cut and re-welded on the most anterior portion of the plate, very neat and professional job, swing-arm has also been bead blasted. Price: $150 Price Reduced to $120, PLUS SHIPPING Please PM if interested.
  5. Scottessey

    Powell Challenger for sale

    My brother is selling his Powell Challenger D-model. It's disassembled but very near complete. Here are some highlights... New Original Powell spark arrestor! New Original Powell clutch cover (plastic model) New original Powell Grips New original cable L-bracket on engine New original...

    Offering this Powell Challenger here for a short time

    This didn't meet my reserve on ebay - Reserve was $120, and well worth it for the forks/bars alone. Offering it here for the reserve price before going back on ebay. I'll get an accurate quote on shipping for someone who is SERIOUS about buying. Also willing to sell just the forks/bars for the...
  7. JesseWulf

    Powell Challenger Parts For Sale

    The following Powell Challenger Parts are from my Model H and Model D Bikes. I am offering them to OldMiniBikes members prior to listing the parts on eBay. I will list the parts on eBay one (1) week from this date. The prices listed below are the Starting prices that each item will be listed at on...
  8. Hounddog

    Powell Challenger

    I have a nice Powell Challenger for sale. The bike currently has a newer 4-stroke engine in her. The original owner also gave me the original tecumseh engine with serial numbers, original Powell Quick Release Throttle assembly, original Powell exhaust with Spark Arrestor, original wheels tires...
  9. ezeerider

    Powell Challenger wheels

    WANTED: two Powell challenger wheels. Need at least the steel half of the front and back wheels. Would buy entire wheels if the price is right.
  10. Kacz

    WTB Powell Challenger...

    I am looking for a Powell Challenger. Any model and serial. Only thing I am concerned about is the frame and front and that they are straight and true. I plan on doing a full restore so engine, wheels and tires and just about anything else are not really a concern for me. Heck, if you just have...
  11. mini_buidt_001


    Powell challenger review mini bike guide holliday issue
  12. mini_buidt_


    Powell challenger review mini bike guide holliday issue
  13. HBBob

    Powell Challenger, Serial #1331-A

    Hello. I am trying to determine what color my Powell Challenger was originally. I am not sure if it's a challenger model or not. The paint looks orange, but there's a color underneath which looks red, or is it primer. The rear pulley looks red, engine stick shift looks red, brake is black...
  14. Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Power with new front cross member installed, and working olln placement of new frame tubes
  15. Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Powell preparing for new frame tube placement
  16. Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Front yoke with frame tubes removed
  17. Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Here's the frame with frame rails removed, front cracked cross member removed, foot plates removed, and frame tubes removed.
  18. Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Powell Challenger Trail Bike Restoration

    Here's my Powell disassembled
  19. Rockwall

    69 Powell Challenger

    Sorry to see this go but a loss of interest forces sale ... Bike is 100% complete (throttle cable not shown in this pic) ... I've had my fun with this one so it's time to pass it on ... $750 ... Will only ship complete via u-ship etc ... You arrange your own pick up/shipping ... Ships out of...
  20. Jeff Clark

    1970 Powell Challenger 4895-E

    I have been up and down on this for a couple months, I really hate to sell this but im not a collector or a hoarder, I really only need 3 mini bikes as riders and this needs to be with a more collector type. Im really not sure what its worth but my asking price is less than a offer I had for it...