1. minibikegi

    Comet brand differential

    Hello, Im in search of a comet differential. For a Heald Hauler. Or any parts for the hauler. Bates headlight? But really need a better differential. my peerless one crapped-out. Welded gears now, so I know its just time. It prolly wont fail till im giving my mom a ride up the scenic hill! If...
  2. Docdc

    Comet TC-88 Driver 3/4" Bore Wanted

    I need a TC-88 complete driver in pretty good shape. Any help would be appreciated. Doc
  3. Chordmerchant

    NOS Comet 2 Speed Jackshaft

    This is a brand new setup that I purchased for a restoration that is not going to happen. It's unused and in perfect new condition with zero rust. $200.00 plus $12.00 shipping to the lower 48 States. PM me for pics, as posting them here is way to much of a pain in the arse. Or maybe I'm just...
  4. T

    Comet TAV2 + Honda GX 160

    Hi guys, I can get very cheaply brand new GX160, but is one with metric straight PTO shaft (20mm/OD x 50mm lenght) I can bore out the bore on 3/4" clutch assy on TAV2 to fit 20mm shaft but my main concern is lenght as the PTO shaft is 8.5mm (0.334") shorter than imperial PTO shaft. What do You...
  5. Rupp 72

    NOS Comet 2 Speed Jackshaft

    NOS comet 2 speed jackshaft. In great working condition, never used. $185 shipped:scooter:
  6. 125ccCrazy

    comet 44 driven

    looking for a Comet 44 driven in good shape with 3/4 bore.
  7. Mark G

    Universal Comet Two Speed set Up, NEW OLD STOCK

    Universal Comet two speed set up, had for many many years. Comes with Jackshaft hangers (not pictured) NOS, but has very minor surface rust. $140 , Paypal only please.
  8. Iron Honky

    comet two speed setups 3 sets

    3 sets of universal comet two speed setups. asking $140obo each. Throttle and exhausts are sold.
  9. 125ccCrazy

    comet cat 99 tav system n.o.s

    I have an N.O.S comet cat 99 tav system, never used but is a bit dirty from decades of has a newer style belt... I also have the orig instructions and parts list, a little tattered but legible.. the prices must reflect 70's or early 80's...this would be great for a period correct...

    Gilson Comet Clutch assembly What Model number and is there a Blow-up see pic

    Can anyone tell me what model number this Comet assembly is? And if any one has a blow-up of it? Please advise I'm wondering if there is a spring and washer in these like the Rupp torque set-ups. And wanting to see if anything could be sticking in that housing.
  11. 125ccCrazy

    Will a Comet driven will mate up with a Salsbury 700 series driver?

    I picked up a new Salsbury 700 series driver and now I need a driven to go with it... will a Comet 40, 44 or 500 driven match up to it? if not what Salsbury Driven will match up? will a Golf cart driven match up? This is my first Salsbury so I'm not sure what will work together..
  12. 125ccCrazy

    anyone running the comet 40 series clone clutches?

    just wondering how well they work and hold up to a big block off road? feedback appreciated.
  13. Not so mini bike

    Comet 30 series tc setup

    6" driven good backing plate. Have the one fin cut to fit on a baja with a clone engine. Drive in good shape. Was used on a baja for about 5hrs and taken off last year. Lightly used belt and brand new one included. Sorry no cover. $120 shipped
  14. R

    comet belt

    Can anyone tell where I could find a 202675A cat 99 belt I've looked and called all around?
  15. P

    Comet clutch problem

    I just put my crankshaft in engine after 3weeks for it to arrive ,only to find clutch bushing is thinner on one side and thicker on the other so when I put all the pieces on crank it won't slide. . It's brand new clutch and the driven part wobbles when I spin it by hand . is this normal ? How's...
  16. 2SlickNick

    Comet Driven

    Selling an Original Comet Driven unit. This piece came off my 1972-1974 MTD MudBug. It is an Symmetrical Inboard 7" diameter and 5/8" bore with key-way. I am asking $35 dollars + shipping ... from 26041
  17. D

    Comet Jackshaft

    Hi everyone, My husband is the mini bike addict but with his birthday coming up in 2 weeks he asked for one thing - The original comet jackshaft with the two speed shifter for a Heathkit Boonie bike. I know these are very hard to find can anyone help me? THANK YOU
  18. jeep4me

    Comet 2-speed clutch

    Dual sprocket Comet clutch for sale. Good used condition. 3/4" bore, #35 sprockets. Pictures coming shortly. Asking $75 shipped. PayPal as a friend or include the fees.
  19. markus

    comet "CAT99" parts needed

    I am manly looking for a Comet cat 99 driver (engine side 3/4") assy in good shape but would also be interested in some driven parts too. could maybe use a at least a good driven outer halve with the ramps if it looks better than what I have. Figure I'll look for a week or so before I order up...
  20. thejoker

    FS nos Comet belts

    $30 each shipped paypal only add 3 percent or send as a gift.