1. RCGuy

    Complete Comet 2-speed w/Jackshaft

    Works just fine,comes with 5/8" jackshaft. About 4 hours of use since bought new. Chains not included. About $300 worth of stuff, $200 shipped USPS ConUS.
  2. Ding Ding

    Comet 20 series TC on HS40

    I purchased a generic Comet 20 series symmetrical TC for my 1971 HS40. I was hoping this could just bolt on and go, however, there are a couple things that I'm not sure about. 1. The inner sheave of the TC sits extremely close to the engine and damn near rubs the guard that is mounted to the...
  3. jcdvested

    Shuddering/ Grinding shakes the bike

    I am experiencing a shake, shudder, grinding while accelerating a little heavier from any speed. It feels like the chain is slipping? I have a Brand New Comet TAV and the builder is very experienced. Has anyone had this problem. I have been searching You Tube and found sounds like the...
  4. H

    comet belt on a sensation

    I have mid 70s sensation go devil with a comet converter set up but the belt is missing I ordered one from OldMiniBikes per the questions I was ask as for as mesurements but the belt they sent is to tight and will not slip at idle dose any one have any idea what belt I need to order next ? Thanks Eddie
  5. M

    Original comet tav-2 30 torque-a-verter units

    I have two complete COMET TAV-2 30 TORQUE-A-VERTER UNITS. Absolutely NOS CONDITION. Both units are for 1" PTO shafts. #40/41 chain 10 tooth sprocket. $250 each + shipping. I also have one NOS DRIVER for 1" PTO shaft. $80 + shipping. These are the real deal made by Comet when precision...
  6. 2SlickNick

    Old Comet Driven unit Stuck

    I have this old comet 20 series driven unit that is 40 years old and I can not get the cam off..... I removed the 3 allen screws ( which should be like a retaining clip on new drivens ). Not sure if it is stuck from 40 years of corrosion or it was never meant to come off. What do you guys...
  7. J

    Which Clutch on a Trail Flite?

    I'm just getting back into this minibike thing for my 5yr ol boy. My go-cart phase was more than 30yrs ago. So I'm a little hazy on what a complete Comet Clutch looks like. I bought a project Trail Flite SS400 for $50 that is missing the engine but most everything else is there. I have...
  8. MB165

    wanted 7" comet 30 series driven unit

    im looking for a 7 inch comet 30 series driven unit. part numbers are 217611A or 217778A. any condition.
  9. jeep4me

    Original Comet TAV2's

    I have two Comet TAV2's for sale. Both have 3/4" bore drivers, one has #41 sprocket the other #35. Aluminum backer plates. Covers on both are cracked, but will be included. Both show very little signs of use. $150 each shipped. Or buy both for $280 shipped. PayPal only. Pictures coming shortly.
  10. trinik7597

    comet driven

    comet 20 series driven 3/4 bore 7" diam $30 shipped :thumbsup:
  11. B

    Finicky nomad

    This nomad. When it goes, it's fantastic fun. But then the brakes always go out and I almost die. How do I get the bands to adjust so that they stop the bike? I'd like them to lock the wheels. Also, the comet torque converter is sticky and as a result sometimes the bike takes off on its own. Any...
  12. capguncowboy

    What size Comet belt fits a 1970 Rupp Roadster?

    I'm wrapping up my restoration on the 1970 Rupp Roadster. I had a Comet belt from another bike that I was under the impression would work. It's a Comet 200423a -- However, after placing it on my bike, it appears to be too large. After a bit of research, I read the 200423a is a little too big for...
  13. steven Durham

    Comet belts

    For sale a couple of unused Comet symmetrical belts. # #1 is Comet part number 203587A for a 11 inch OC for a 20 series or 340 series use. #2 is Comet part number 203586C for a 10 3/4 inch OC for a 20 series or 340 series use. Price for the pair $25.00 plus shipping from Portland...
  14. Coycaller

    Started the Super Bronc Project tonight

    I have a few questions 1) I am missing the driver clutch and the driven doesn't look healthy. It is a Comet driven, is that what they came with? I have access to Comet clutches at a very reasonable price where I work. Is that the way to go? 2) I noticed, under the seat on the hinge...
  15. Docdc

    TC-88 Driver and Comet 20 Driver

    Hi guys, Can I switch out a TC-88 driver for a Comet 20 driver without changing the driven??? My knowledge of torque converters is pretty limited. I realize one is 5/8" and one is 3/4" but does the driven see that? Thanks Doc
  16. H

    Drive Belts, Comet 20 and Powell

    First belt is a Comet replacement by Rotary, brand new. Mounted, found to be too long, and never turned. Got it from OldMiniBikes. Part number 12-13058, replaces Comet 203586. It is a 3/4" symmetrical belt, 35.1" 6" driven: Center line would be 10 3/4 to 10 13/16 7" driven: Center line would be...
  17. UnorthodoxCreat

    Comet 20 series driver

    I'm looking for a Comet 20 series driver for a 3/4" shaft. Used is ok a long as it's in good condition.
  18. UnorthodoxCreat

    Tecumseh HS50, Comet 20 Series Driver

    Selling my Tecumseh HS50 that I bought a couple months ago. I was going to use this on my Gilson project but decided to go ahead and get the more correct H50 engine. It came off a lawn mulcher and ran great when I took the mulcher apart. The only thing missing is the gas tank and tank mounting...
  19. Not so mini bike

    Comet 2 speed clutch

    Comet 2 speed clutch. Came on a motor I bought. Don't need it. $60 plus the ride. Should be able to fit in a flat rate box or envelope.
  20. J

    Comet Clutch 5/8"

    I have a Comet Clutch. It has a 5/8" shaft. It's the larger tooth model not for 35 chain. It comes with clutch, bell housing, and bushing. Price: $40.00 plus shipping. Pay pal only please