1. Not so mini bike

    NOS Comet 2 speed jackshaft setup

    Like it says up there. $158 shipped
  2. R

    Comet torque converter

    Does it matter which way I install it Spring toward tire side or Spring toward engine side and would I have to reverse anything
  3. M


    My sister found this under her house and gave it to me. Thought I might try and restore it. Can anyone tell me what I have and sources for information/parts?
  4. james ackerman

    Comet 2 speed jac-mount help

    I bought this comet jac-mount just like it is, I know it's for a 2 speed setup, but I'm confused on how the setup is aranged on the jackshaft. In the the ad it say's manual shift. I'm use to the automatic shifting 2 speed setups. Any info appreciated. Hopefully someone has a photo of a...
  5. Sixpac440

    Kevlar TAV belts VS Genuine Comet Belts?

    I always buy genuine Comet belts. I need a 203590 and have found this in a Kevlar version .. Is this better than a genuine Comet? KEVLAR DRIVE BELT COMET BANDO 203590 MANCO 6959 ASW VECTOR HAMMERHEAD 9.110.018 | eBay
  6. Old_iron

    Floating comet driven?

    I am mounting a 30 series driven on a keyed jack shaft. Does it have to be held in horizontal position with a pair of collars or can it float?
  7. yalipito

    Comet 44 series magnum torque converter

    I am thinking about one for my drag bike (B&S 305). I would like to hear (read) thoughts and opinions, preferably from people who have used or seen them used. Thanks.
  8. gammatg

    Brand new Comet 20 series driver and driven and TAV2-30

    Brand new never used in their original box TAV2-30 $150 20 series 75 bore Driver $60 Series A 5/8 bore Driven $70 Buyer pays shipping. Thanks OldMiniBikes!
  9. Old_iron

    Deepco Maximatic Clutch Help!

    So, I am in the middle of my Mountaineer build and am trying to figure out my drive system options. The bike has the Deepco driven pulley still on it, but of course, no driver. After a mild attempt to pull the bearing off the shaft, I am thinking I may leave the Deepco on there. It measures...
  10. FOMOGO

    Comet Torque Converter

    Can someone tell me what series this is? I see the 20 P3. Does that mean it is a 20 series? It is symmetrical so I have to assume that it is a 20 or a 40 series. The driven is 7 3/8''(???) inch. The drive is for a 3/4'' shaft. With the spring out it must have a reverse wound spring????? Is that...
  11. J

    NOS Comet clutch in box

    12 tooth,35 chain,3.5" dia drum. 3/4 shaft. NOS. $65.00 shipped
  12. Sprocket86

    Adjusting Comet Tav2 engagement RPM

    Hello there. I'm in the process of fine tuning my Lawn Boy Powered Tav2 equipped mini bike and I'd like to change the stall or engagement RPM in both the driver clutch and the driven clutch to a higher RPM value. My driver clutch is a genuine Comet part but I see no colour markings on both...
  13. FOMOGO

    Comet Torque Converter experience needed

    First off I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday! I am looking for a torque converter to use on a Predator 420cc 13HP engine. A friend just picked up a Baja Warrior frame that is just a roller. He bought a new 420 today and we have been looking for a torque converter for it. It will be...
  14. danford1

    Comet 30 series Torque Converter alignment

    I recently purchased a minibike with a Comet 30 series torque converter. It doesn't look like it is installed right the belt isn't straight between the pulleys. It looks like the Drive clutch is too close to the engine. It there a spacer that goes behind it? Are the fixed sheaves of both...
  15. CarPlayLB

    Comet brake drum and band

    I have a Comet brake drum and band for a 1" axle. Both pieces are brand new. $45 shipped lower 48 only. PayPal or interesting trades. I like beef jerky too! I also have a super dooper fancy adapter that will allow this piece to adapt to a 5/8" shaft. Add $20 to the price if you need that too...
  16. james ackerman

    Comet 30 series driver.

    I have a comet 30 series driver for a 3/4 inch shaft, I'm looking to trade it for a 30 series for a 1 inch shaft. Please help my super bronc come alive and move!!!!
  17. joshua. c.

    new thought about comet torque converter tuning

    When it comes to comet 30 series torque converters mounted on a heavily modified engine, as most know, in stock form they limit the engines rpms. There are several well known ways to make comet torque converters run better but so far there is no magic part that can make one engage at 3000 rpms...
  18. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Universal Comet 2 speed clutch kit question

    Anybody know if the jack shaft on this kit can be swapped for a longer one? Thinking about converting my two Gilsons from single speed to 2 speed and I need 11 1/2" jack shaft length. thanks! #713845 UNIVERSAL COMET 2 SPEED CLUTCH KIT
  19. Peekster

    Nos Comet clutch

    Looks to be NOS comet clutch. 5/8 shaft 40/41 chain $20 plus shipping
  20. Sixpac440

    30 series Comet Driver vs Chinese .... 1 pic ...

    I have 2 identical Hilltoppers, I put new Chinese 30 series Tavs on both. They are street legal and get rode on the street at full speed, 35/40 mph. Mine was fine ... my wifes had some vibration. it was recomended that I get the comet TAV spray lube. After applying it the vibration...