1. E

    Doodlebug db30 chain tensioner needed

    Hello everyone, Im new to these mini bikes as I just got one yesterday that I will be giving to my son for xmas and between now and then will be fixing it up a little. it is red and I need a chain tensioner stock is fine but a spring loaded one looks like it would be better. also a chain...
  2. A

    Can the new style DB30 Doodle Bug handle bar be bent like the old style?

    I just picked up a DB30 new style mini bike with the swept back handle bar. I'd really like to bend them up to be more like the old style doodle bug. Can someone tell me if this is possible without destroying them? I read a few threads about this but there was never really a clear answer...
  3. Fisher1983

    MBX11 exhaust for old style DB30?

    Would anybody happen to know if the new underseat chrome exhaust for the new MBX11 fits on the stock 97cc old DB30 engine? I might be interested in it if it fits my engines port.
  4. B

    230lbs on a Db30 with 212cc and hills?

    Ok, so my only experience with Mini Bikes (if they count) is Honda Z50's. I've had a bunch of them, well long story short house fire took all of them several years ago. Haven't gotten back into it until this week. My kids are finally getting old enough to play too, soo, I bought a DB30 and I'm...
  5. Fisher1983

    Doodlebug DB30 roller

    I decided to sell my first gen 2006 Doodlebug roller. I found a different bike and would like to offer this one to someone with more time to restore it. Asking 200 for the roller, or 250 with your choice of a stock 97cc with 2 hours on it, or a restored Briggs 3hp, or a Honda GC160. Local pickup...
  6. Fisher1983

    Stock Db30 Engine (Dont Laugh!) :)

    All stock DB30 engine, this is the Lifan branded version with adjustable carb. The carb leaks a little but the engine runs and runs well. Air filter housing is busted up and the foam is gone. $50 bucks, will ship on buyers dime. PM me your zip and Ill get a quote. PM email addy for pics if you...
  7. V

    DB30 frame stretch

    Has anyone stretched the frame on a new style db30? The new frame has a bend under the seat. Trying to figure out where to cut it to extend it. Also, anyone know the size of tube they use for the frame? Thanks, Jeff

    WTB a DB30 rear wheel

    I am in need of a DB30 rear wheel with the disc brake rotor. Tire and sprocket are not important or needed. I know I can buy a new one but I was hoping someone would have a spare one to sell. Thanks, Doug
  9. jdblood202

    Wanted: DB30 doodlebug rear wheel, axle, spacers

    Hey guys, just what the title says, I need a DB30 doodlebug rear wheel with the axle and spacers. I don't need the brake rotor or sprocket. PM me with what you have and thanks guys!
  10. Timmmaahh

    installing 212 hf preditor on db30

    not as bad as it seems,but you need to weld a bit.buy a motor plate with curved ends its made to do this swap,but no one says so.cut old motor plate off,weld on new one.cut a pie shape on loop that back fender bolts to and pull toward back 3 inches and weld up.now the engine fits,its a ball to...
  11. D

    DB30 Stock 97 cc Engine Question

    I just recently inherited an old style (metal fenders) DB30. I'm trying to understand the purpose of the small black tube that goes from the back of the air filter into the side of the engine. What is it? What is it's purpose? Since it is connected to the air filter, does that mean it is...
  12. jdblood202

    DB30 with 3hp Clinton project

    Well, I was hoping to find a more fitting frame, but I'm not going to have the money for something more vintage for awhile so I grabbed a older style DB30 for 20 bucks. It'll have to do for now. Here's the motor, runs great! And the frame I hope to be able to do something with: Plan...
  13. G

    DB30 rear wheel assembly

    Looking for doodlebug DB30 rear wheel assembly with brake rotor
  14. R

    New guy here. Azusa kit vs old style doodlebug db30 question.

    Hi everyone, I'm completely new to mini bikes, so Im hoping you guys with experience could give me your opinions on something. Without considering cost, how does a bike built from a Azusa kit compare in terms of quality and durability to a restored old style doodle bug Baja? Assuming they...
  15. Not so mini bike

    Db30 parts

    Plastic front and rear fender with fork plate cover-$40 shipped Metal fender 2 front ( they have 2 kinks each) 1 rear(good shape) -$10 each plus shipping Brand new under seat gas tank mount kit. $35 shipped Brand new engine mount plate $35 shipped Clutch cover and chain guard. $5 each plus...
  16. aranhawaii

    Green DB30 Baja Racer w/212cc

    Hi all... looks like I have found project #2. It's a Baja Racer (DB30) that I'm going to put a 212cc Predator on. This is a DB30-S, right? Here are some photos: Obviously, I have not worked with this frame or engine before, so any advice you all have will be HUGELY helpful. Here goes...
  17. D

    DB30 212/tav Build Help

    Well did I underestamate this job! It's no major monstrosity but all the little extras that crop up. Right now I am looking at the footpegs being too short and what solution to use. Is there a bolt on substitute footpeg that's out there or must I customise? Any do's and don'ts? Let's see some...
  18. A

    DB30 Problems

    I recently bought this DB30 off of my friend for 50 bucks. I was told that there was a gas leak and the carb needed a tuning. I decided to put some gas in it to see if it would run as is. It ran for about 5 minutes then it died. My friend and I noticed there was a trail of gas behind me. So I...
  19. tippycanoenm

    db30 luah rear wheel

    rear wheel and hub for old style db...unable to load pics......pm for them please....35.00 plus shipping...thank you for looking
  20. Not so mini bike

    8" tri star wheel with db30 bearings

    Like new lightly used 8" tri star w/5/8" bearings and hardware. Also has spacer for inside wheel to make it work with db30 axle. $50 shipped