1. roccosbike

    Taco seat dimensions

    Can anyone help with the seat dimensions for a Taco T100, width, length and where the seat mounting holes are located?
  2. AJaxMini

    I need dimensions for an original Bonanza BC1000 seat

    I'm looking for anyone that has an original Bonanza BC1000 seat that can show me pics and get me dimensions and details for the seat in the ad below. I'm not sure if they actually used this seat as I've not seen one personally and after digging through the photos here still haven't seen one...
  3. D

    Briggs and Tecumseh flathead dimensions

    Hi all, Are the Briggs 2, 3, and 5 horse flatheads about the same size externally? What size would the Tec 3.5 be in relation to the Briggs? Cheers, Dave
  4. H

    Dimensions of Cat 400-series seat base

    I know...I've done a bunch of these, but they're all gone. I need to do another seat base for a 4001 I acquired. Just need length and width please. Thanks for helping, HD.
  5. Hambone

    Golden Pinto seat dimensions

    Any of you guys have a Golden Pinto that you are working on? I need to get some dimensions of the seat so I can fab something up out of some 1/8" plate and some plywood. I travel up to Easton, Pa. Often to visit my in-laws. Hambone
  6. zeeman

    Stellar Front Fender Dimensions

    For Cheezy1 and any others trying to make Stellar fenders. The angle is drawn correct, but I could not find my protractor to measure it. Sorry.
  7. P

    Ruttman spyder fender dimensions

    Hi, guys can anybody tell me what are the dimensions for a Ruttman spyder fenders LxW and distance between center hole to center hole for hardware. thank you
  8. F

    Lil Indian dimensions

    Hi, Im am after plans and dimensions for a Lil indian frame. Not sure if this exists maybe some photo's with a long lens with a tape measure will do. But tube sizes and dimensions would be great. For example, this one. What is the height of the frame from tube centre line to tube centre line...
  9. D

    Overall dimensions of ProMod motor mount?

    I'm trying to figure out how much trouble it will be to mount the 212 Predator to the Sensation MB-6A frame. I can see the new engine is not going to fit as-is. I need to know the overall dimensions of the ProMod adjustable motor mount plate. I think I read somewhere that it is 1/2" thick...
  10. patrick2260

    Rupp Continental Seat Dimensions anyone?

    I'm having this seat made for my Continental restore. RUPP Mini bike Replacement seat cover roadster TT500 324 | eBay Does anyone have this seat? I'm hoping to get the dimensions. How tall in back, how tall in front, whether board tapers toward front. If it does I'd like to know width...
  11. dw1973

    Honda GX390 dimensions

    Anyone know the dimensions for a Honda GX340 and 390 set up for a mini (with the unnecessary stuff removed - gas tank,stock muffler,etc).
  12. Clayon

    Taco Frijole Dimensions

    Hi there, today my dad bought a tubing bender for our shop so I figured it was time for a project. The best one I could come up with is a homemade Taco Frijole. Does anybody have the demensions (width, length, height, etc.) for the Frijole? I am talking the early ones, I think 1965-ish...
  13. waltsuz

    Scratch Drag frame dimensions

    Started bending up 1 inch DOM tubing and clamped it to a frame jig I made. I am trying to determine the dimensions for this build referenced off pictures and by eye off the jig. Here's what I got Axle hangars are 14-1/2 inch's on center Top frame rail to bottom frame rail is 18 inches o/s Top...
  14. MisterRoboto

    Alsport RTS-340 dimensions

    i am looking at buying a Alsport RTS-340 and have limited space to haul it back home in my van... was wondering if anyone had one that could measure the length of it and the width of the rear end? thanks guys like this one? http://www.oldminibikes.com/forum/photopost/data/1415/A11.jpg
  15. B

    Hole Pattern for HF 6.5HP Clone...need dimensions

    I did a search...and I know the hole pattern is the same as most other engines. My problem is I'm at work and want to cut down and drill out a piece of 1"x1" boxed aluminum to act as an engine riser. I don't have an engine in front of me that I can measure, but was hoping I could get this...
  16. L

    taco 100 footpegs-need dimensions

    Hi, i am resoring a steens taco trail 100. Someone cut off the footpegs and installed clamp ons. Can someone help me with original length and outide diameter of the metal rods used. I believe all models 22-44-99-100 are the same. Thanks a million!
  17. L

    Taco footpegs restoring dimensions

    Hi, i am restoring a steens taco trail 100 and one of the previous owners cut off the orignal foot pegs. Can someone help me with the correct length and outside diameter specs for the resto. Thanks guys!
  18. 65ShelbyClone

    GX120 vs. GX160 crank dimensions

    I know the 120's rod journal and flywheel taper are smaller; that's not a concern at the moment. What I would like to find out is whether a 120 crank will drop into a 160/200 case or if the width is narrower or the bearings smaller, etc. Does anyone have the dims for comparison?
  19. J

    5 HP FH crank dimensions needed Please

    Modifying a non-PTO bearing crankshaft for a use in a small bearing side cover application. Can someone provide End of PTO side shaft, to Bearing shoulder length ( 2.??? inches) and From bearing shoulder to crank weight length Thanks for any help Forgot to add. It's for a 2 speed...
  20. mmisterbungl

    MTD Columbia Seat Dimensions

    I'd like to get Kenny to make a seat for my MTD Columbia, but the bike came into my possession without one. It had a seat with it, but definitely not original and not the right bolt pattern. Can someone who has one please be so kind as to measure the seat for me. My mounting holes are 8...