1. zombiewoof

    Twin engine Gokart frame??

    I have a guy wanting to trade this to me for an R/C car that I have. Any ideas what it is?
  2. Plunder

    Gatormoto, what is that?

    I've been looking through craigslist now for 8-10 months, ebay too, for a kart or something interesting in a mini bike without much luck. Then a couple of days ago I ran into this. Of course, I've no way to transport it so I rent a U-Haul van and off I go... This guy lives out in the...
  3. f150tilt

    Any info on this GoKart?

    Picked up at an Auction and have no idea what it is...Looks like it has seen the usual hacking up and welding. Engine was at the auction but don't think it would be correct. Engine I got don't think it is for go cart Manco I did not win
  4. wheels1950

    Horizontal engine gokart

    Has anyone ever saw a vertical engine gokart Going to pickup one tomorrow Very small frame THANKS FRANK
  5. nigel

    recoil starter tricks

    ive been workin on my recoil starter for a 2 horse for a wile replacing the string, tryin to compress the coil an get it in without it binding an overlaping, and i finaly got it together an i can spin the motor with the rope but it doesent retract all the way, an i got to do another one on the...
  6. wheels1950

    Gokart parts wheels

    Looking for a set of 3 bolt wheels for one of my Gokarts it is a triangle pattern Also believe they are about a 6" rim with no back space on the rim Thanks FRANK
  7. S

    2WD Live Axle Swap

    The way my motor is mounted on my gokart, the drive shaft is too short so that it doesn't line up with the axle. The type of axle i have is one that the wheel rotates around it, so a sprocket must be mouted to the 1 wheel and a chain to connect wheel and clutch. My clutch and sprocket won't line...
  8. tundrabeagle3

    250 gokart

    go cart project It looks like fun I wonder how it would be started tho probably kick started
  9. Mac

    Mac's Humbug Gokart Dry Run

    OK, So I bought this Bug Engineering "Humbug" kart at this last weekend's Car Swapmeet for $65 and it was rough. ....So, I chopped out the extra length someone added to the frame and dug up a set of the black plastic Azusalite rims and some slicks, pulled out a Briggs 3hp from a recent...
  10. S

    6.5hp 212cc Predator Kill Switch

    So the motor has the stock killswitch and it works fine.. My question is How can I make the killswitch easily accessible on my gokart.. I dont want to reach behind the seat to find it on the motor... Can I somehow ground it the a toggle switch mounted on the frame? Would I need to add extra...
  11. S

    Need help on 6.5hp clone modifications!

    1. I removed the governor & plugged the hole 2. I set up my own throttle linkage 3. Just ordere 18lb valve springs 4. Also ordered a straight header Now what new mods or parts can be done? I was thinking new billet push rods but couldnt find any... Any help? I dont want to buy an...
  12. S

    Go Kart w/ 6.5 HP Clone Predator Engine

    So ive been doing alot of motor work before the engine goes onto the gokart frame.. ive been sanding / grinding / welding alot on the frame too.. Ive ran into a few questions thought. Like how the hell you hook rear brakes up?! My left pedal has a metal line running from the pedal to the bak...
  13. R

    Rupp gokart

    I started looking for an old minibike and found this site. After getting a mini bike I looked up the old gokart and found out that it's a Rupp. I don't have the Vett body. The friend that I got the frame from about 40 years ago woulld not get rid of the body. This is a great driving gokart...
  14. The Restore Kid

    Gokart cycle!!!!!!!

    I dunno, probably just a Fox I'm guessing, but the price aint far off.. :shrug: mini bike frames
  15. Mister B

    finished first Fantic Broncco Gokart

    hello everybody i wanted to ask how is selling some good repro Broncco TX5 decals to compleet my ride wfg Bé[ center] View image in gallery[/center]
  16. Timmahhhhh

    11/4.50 x 5 Tire Profile

    I am considering purchasing a slick in the 11/4.50 x 5 size from GoKart Galaxy. Does this tire have a square cross section like the 4.10/3.50 x 5 or does it have round edges? Thanks for any info.

    hands front gokart wheels

    I am looking for a pair of 4" "hands" wheels
  18. S

    adams kart track riverside cal Nov 3rd chili cook off

    Sat Nov 3rd Adams kart track Riverside Cal ( 60fwy east off at Market go north) Chili cook off and vintage kart practice only$25 for driver and kart ....Mini bike show area.....games and fun for the kids.. all the chili you can eat for $10....We need to work on Tomile or Troy adams for a mini...
  19. gowdor

    razor gokart gas conversion

    we got this go kart from some friends that were cleaning out there garage so it sat for about a year. We thought lets make a tiny dune buggy for my younger brothers i will post pictures in a little bit.:smile:
  20. D

    any interest in a minibike/vintage gokart swap meet in cuddebackville N.Y.?

    hi guys, i'm new here and know that minibikes have TWO wheels and an engine!! what i'm thinking about doing next year is a combined minibike / vintage racing kart swap meet at the vintage go kart race we've been hosting at the o.v.r.p. track in Cuddebackville N.Y. This year we had a...