1. H

    Hello from Indiana

    Hello all. Just picked up a kenbar MB-4 and a trailflight ss400. Looking forward to the resources/info all of you have put in this site.
  2. slywilliez

    indiana, indianapolis parts pick up anyone

    I found a gas tank on craigslist and the guy wont ship it. The gas tank is in Indianapolis, if anyone is near and willing to pick it up please PM me. Thanks
  3. smallbikes88

    Live Update from Portland Indiana Scooter show

    Man if you arnet here your missing out. Its a great time lots of minibikes and stuff for sale. We are allowed to ride through town as long as we stop at stop signs and stop light and try to obey the speed limits? Brian from motorcity minis is here and has some cool stuff for sale. I will...
  4. M

    New member from Indiana

    Hi all,My name is Steve or moomba on here.What a great site this is,I'm happy to find it. I'm 62 but have been building mini-bikes since I was 12,I love them. Currently I'm involved with the Baja warrior mini bikes. I have always been the type to modify or build something eye-popping or that...
  5. the doc

    Terra Floater - Central Indiana

    This Terra Floater found its way to my house. I was trying to find a minibike for my 13 yr old, and this machine is a bit tooo much for a 13 yr old to handle. Has 22X12-8 tires on it (has tubes also). Broke the pull cord on it today, ran before that (he has been riding it for about a week)...
  6. E

    Hey all, James from Indiana

    Im new to this site, from east-central Indiana... I've got some rupps and wanted to join this site!
  7. ratrod1313

    new from indiana

    hi folks, im from ft wayne in and have a love for the old, old cars, old motorcycles, old bikes, old mini bikes and scooters etc. i dont own a minibike tho, thats one of the reasons why i joined the forum. i wouldnt mind having 1. my other interests are movies, music, reading etc.
  8. B

    new member from indiana

    Hi from Indiana IM 70 years old and have 4 minibikes 1 Trailhorse and 3 rupp roadster 2.I like reading all the post and all the parts for sale.I also have 8 tecumseh motor and 2 briggs n motor and 2 ohrsson rice generators.
  9. 5

    Nice Deal - Indiana

    5 hp briggs engine - eBay (item 320591478741 end time Sep-21-10 10:16:06 PDT)
  10. N

    Hello from northern Indiana

    :scooter:Hello from northern Indiana I'm Frank. I started riding in 1968 On a 1949 Cushman scooter that I still have along with a Tomos moped, a Manco Thunderbird and a Starr Putt Putt made in Rochester Indiana about 45 miles from were I live. I also have as follows, '60ish Sears Allstate 250...
  11. leathernun666

    VT7 and VT10 good price

    (2 healds and minibike) Might be MI . it was on the indiana CL
  12. leathernun666

    Big Bronc in Indiana

    (Heald Minin bike Huge not for kids)
  13. leathernun666

    Decent Heald VT3 maybe in Indiana

    (vintage 5 hp tecumseh mini bike) Good price:shrug:
  14. IronHorseman

    Hello from southern Indiana

    I`m a lifelong biker and gearhead deluxe. I started riding at age 7 on an Arko E-Z Rider. Thanks guys for helping me identify it. I`ve had mor mini-bikes and motorcycles than I can count. I actually grew up a few miles from Terra Products and Terra mini-bikes were everywhere back then. Do any...
  15. minibikedude

    2010 VMBC meet, Portland, Indiana

    I know it's early but I just got my new Vintage Motor Bike Club magazine for the 09-10 Winter issue and they have posted the dates for the July show 12-16,2010 at the Jay county Fair Grounds, Portland Indiana, They finally have a web site now for all out there last year that were confused...
  16. minibikedude

    2009 Portland, Indiana VMBC Show

    I just got my camera down loaded to my computer today. I posted pictures to My photos of the event for any one interested at looking at them. Heres a few photos to get your attention.
  17. J

    hi from noblesville indiana

    hay guys just found this forum today I just got a mini bike in a trade and my son is 7 so I gess its time to start a mini bike project with him the thing is when we go pick up the "mini" bike the thing is :censure: HUGE so i told my son I will keep the big one and find him to work on. anyway...
  18. B

    Indiana shows ?

    Does anyone out there know of any shows or rides in Indiana.
  19. F

    New Guy in Southern Indiana

    Just found this forum. Very cool from what I can tell. I think I just lurk around for awhile to see what I can find out.:smile:
  20. Z

    hey all from cunot ,indiana

    hi my name is mike and im 54 yrs young tommorrow.believe it or not i just swapped for my first mini last saturday.not sure what it is yet.anyways,i just wanted to say hello and postt a few pics...take care and happy holidays