1. Z

    what kind of 70s minibike has a single tube mainframe?

    i still dont have a definitive answer as to what this bike is.several people have tried to help.but,when i look at pics they say it is i always see something to say it isnt,if anyone has seen this bike or has a pic that matches.please put my weary mind to rest.i just want to know exactly...
  2. mardyn

    What kind of engine oil?

    Simple question: 3 HP Briggs, 30 weight or 10W-30? Personally, I like the 10W30 (cause I've got a case of it sitting under the bench) but I was reading on another forum and it says stay with straight 30W... or does it make a rat's ass of difference? mardyn
  3. sickytwisted

    Can You tell me what kind of mini bike I have.

    I can't tell. I'm new at this. I know that the part of the frame through which the rear wheal bolt is inserted says simpson strong tie.
  4. offroadwhatever8

    What kind of mini is this?

    Any one know what this is? thanks
  5. M

    what kind of tire/wheel should we buy for our custom chopper?

    My friend and i are building a mini chopper and got a good half of the frame done. We want a wider chopper tire, but not huge. What about one of the ATV wheels at tractor supply?? we could always weld a sprocket on. HELPPPPPP???
  6. D

    wat kind of mods if i got an harbor freight 6.5

    so i heard these are good what kind of mods wold i need to do if i put this on my db-30 or is it better to get cjmt.... engine
  7. RatFink

    what kind of mini is this?

    can anyone tell me anything about this mini? There are no identifiing marks on it. thanks for any info.
  8. R

    What kind of Mini do I have??/

    I bought this off ebay a few months ago. Does anyone know what kind it is by looking at the frame or wahtever???
  9. Strigoi

    what kind of trike is this?

    GO-KART? SOAPBOX? PICS: WHAT THE...? P.HILL i went and checked it out today. it needs 3 new tires and the rear brake seems to be seized up. what i'm really wondering about is the differential looking thing on it. i tried messing with some of the levers on it but couldn't make it so the sprocket...
  10. 1stlegendtx

    What kind of bike is this ?