1. V

    New kind of #35 chain master link...or what?

    I ordered some master links on eBay. The photo in the auction shows the kind of master links I have been using for the past 35+ years of my life as a gasoline-powered toy enthusiast. What the seller sent were these below, like some weird form of link that I guess would work, but all of the...
  2. I

    What kind of bike is this?

  3. M

    wondering what kind of frame this is

    hi i was wondering if anyone knew what kind of frame this is ,i know the motor is aftermarket .any info would help as im looking to sell thanks
  4. J

    Some Kind Of DB...?

    Saw this posted on Michigan minibike scene Facebook page, looks like some kind of DB but I've never seen this before. Is it a new factory model or a custom creation. Looks good actually. I'd be interested in this minibike. Love to find out. Anybody....???:shrug: View image in gallery
  5. 1madgumby

    Just got a mini bike not sure what kind it is.

    Hello.. I just got a mini bike and not sure what kind it is. Has a single spring between the forks and 2 springs under the seat. I can't post pics from my phone. If someone can pm me a email address I can send the pics and you can post them for me that would be great. Thanks. AJ
  6. OND

    What Kind of Oil is in Your Mini Bike

    Just wondering what kind of oil you run in your mini bike? Are you running your engine at 3800 rpm's or more ? :out:
  7. Newoldstock

    Tubes ( the thermionic kind )

    I just made an arrangement with a Lithuainain fellow for some military tubes Now I got an in over there to replace my crimean connection so do any of you fellow into audio gear need stuff? I am pushing for a box Gu-50 (ГУ-50) from Poland as an opener because these can be moved easily. But...
  8. M

    Go cart for sale .. Not sure what kind it is !!

    Not sure what kind of gocart this one is but it's in really good condition it's is going to need some work to get it going again the motor turns over haven't tried getting it running. Asking 250 Call or test 1-631-805-4062
  9. M

    What kind of bike is this

    What kind of bike is this
  10. thejoker

    Who kind clutch is this

    What kind of clutch is this, and who used them? Also how old? Thanks Joe
  11. Rollin310z

    bananza what kind ?

    i want to see others i want an idea of how it should look if i fix it up
  12. Fatboy04

    Kind of a Allied build

    I'm building this Allied mini bike. I had a thread going ,but in the wrong section. So I will start over. Just picked up the HF Predator motor. Are you running the stock tank ?
  13. Roadsterpu

    What kind of minibike do we have here

    A friend of mine picked these up a number of years ago. He was told they sat for close to 40 years when he bought them. He believe they are late 60's early 70's. What do we have here and how rare are they?
  14. Rollin310z

    some kind of engine

    I want $100, if its worth more or less sorry, through an offer I just want it gone I don't know if it works or any info on it sorry. all I know is that it damaged my garage carpet i left it on the floor and it spilled oil lol ,I want money to fix that. i will trade also for mini bike parts etc...
  15. myjunk

    Rupp Mini bike , but what kind and year??

    I have attached a photo of a Rupp Mini bike, but I dont know enough about them to know what model or approx year? Can anyone help? By the way he wants $200
  16. M

    What kind of clutch is this?

    Can so one tell me what kind of clutch is this and is any thing I should know about it?
  17. F

    Wondering what kind of bike this is?

    I picked this up at a local swap meet. I know I have seen this style before but after looking through tons of google images, I could not locate anything similar. Can anyone identify the make/model and maybe tell me what the original color scheme might have been? Does anyone know if it had a B&S...
  18. C

    one of a kind 3hp Briggs

    I've lost interest in this project and moved to another. I'm selling the complete motor, with carb,custom cam, flywheel, tach, and puke can. It is still considered a project.. still needed is a gasket set, breather, and custom exhaust for your build. Everything for the inside is new except the...
  19. minibikekid

    What kind of mini is this?

    My buddy picked up this mini and we are trying to find out any info on it.
  20. M

    what kind of bike do i have here???

    can anuyone help me with information on what kind of bike i here here ant addiotinal informatin would be great .ie. original colors , what its worth , Thanks