1. Dr. Shop Teacher

    Link to Briggs L-Head Service Manual and all other Briggs Manuals

    This links to the contemporary L-Head (Flathead) service manual. You can download it from here (all 300+ pages). L-Head Manual: Link to DIY GoKarts compendium of all Briggs Manuals: Online Service Manual Resource - DIY Go Kart Forum
  2. markus

    Original MTD mini bike Manuals

    This guy has an assortment of MTD manuals listed up for sale for you Ugly bike fans (hopefully this will link correctly) gavel-talk | eBay
  3. james ackerman

    I have old tecumseh and briggs parts and service manuals.

    if anyone would need info on a engine I may just have the answer for it in these monsters. Just let me know and I'll do the best to get you the info you need.

    FS TAS Keystone Maintenance and Service Manuals plus NOS Gasket

    For Sale 2 Keystone TAS manuals,Service and Maintenance Manuals,Never used!.Also included is an NOS side cover Gasket for the Tas Engines.Get these items for about half of what I paid. $20.00 plus $7.00 shipping, Paypal or local pickup,minus a shipping cost.:thumbsup:

    FS TAS Keystone Maintenance and Service Manuals plus NOS Gasket

    Forgot picture,reposted in another AD,moderators,please remove this post
  6. W

    UK site with Honda Shop Manuals

    Not sure if I'm allowed to post it, but there is a UK Site with all the Honda shop manuals. MODS if I'm not allowed to post just delete. Also has Diagrams and Quick Sheets on Procedures
  7. Clayon

    Reproduction Moto Skeeter Manuals and others

    I just thought I'd share this with all the Moto-Skeeter owners out there, this site here has some reprints of the Moto-Skeeter minibike manuals, and some parts, but they are pretty expensive. They also have some reprints of other minibike manuals that some of you guys might want to check out...
  8. Frank Davis

    vespa piaggio moped manuals

    I know these aren't mini bikes, but they are little!....I have a binder of info on these little jewels, mostly 1978-80 stuff....assembly manuals, service manuals, spare parts catalogs, etc.....I am asking 40.00 for the lot plus shipping , or convince me you can really use them and I will make...
  9. T

    LB50 Manuals

    Anyone have a line on where I can find a service manual and/or wiring diagram for my Yamaha Chappy LB50. I found a manual for a QT50 and an LB2 but no LB50
  10. R

    wanted: Arctic cat parts manuals and owners manuals

    I am looking for parts breakdowns and owners manuals for a couple Arctic cat bikes. Mainly 72 ramrod, 72 prowler, and screamer. I will take others too. Copys are fine. I really need the ramrod and prowler ones as soon as possible. Let me know if anyone can make a copy of...
  11. jesse8931

    vintage manuals

    came across some manuals and one little sheet in my shed. Just one page front and back talks about setup and maintenance of motor. 10 shipped Goes over rebuilding and repair most models of briggs 2hp to 10hp up to the late 70's missing back cover and front is not attached 10 shipped...
  12. jbrewton

    Wards T777 Manuals

    Anyone have scans of the manual that came with a Buffalo???? Thx
  13. jreid50

    Tillotson Tech Manuals

    I found these two articles online, one for the HL series and the other for the HR: Hope they are useful to someone.
  14. 5

    Briggs & Stratton L Head Manuals $8.46 shipped

    Briggs-Stratton Repair Manual L-Head engines 270962 - eBay (item 130458314199 end time Nov-30-10 19:53:47 PST)
  15. james c

    tecumseh/peerless diferentials manuals
  16. L

    Lil Indian Manuals?

    I looked all through the forums and couldn't really find any thread that answered the question of ... Did the Lil Indian Company give a service manual for the engine when you bought the bike? Thanks Nick