1. red baron

    neat little bike,Little petro ? I never posted a link before so if it doesn't work it's warwick Rhode island cl. I hope this is of use to someone, I've haven't seen one for sale before. Brian
  2. Itype2slo

    Neat Raptor On CL

    Just saw this.
  3. markus

    Neat Trail Horse/general appliance chainguard

    Dunno if it was made by someone/custom or what as I have only ever seen them with the slots, but its pretty cool! Its on a bike for sale on ebay, listed as a 1967, which was one year Before General appliance even started to make bikes, and 2 years before the 5 spokes it has on it came...
  4. markus

    neat version of the "digger" on ebay

    I love these, Never seen this version of one, I would guess its later (1974/1975) do to the decaling only becuase JC penney decaling went pretty straighforward/bland with the decaling around that time on all the bikes. Looks to have a longer seat area on it over the usually seen version...
  5. markus

    Nice Flea project with some neat Goodies!!!!

    Vintage Taco Mini Bike Minibike Original Condition as Purchased in 1975 | eBay Flip the tank around the way is should be, install a 2 stroke, sell off the taco guard and chrome clinton to help offset the cost :drool: Be interesting to see what numbers it pulls considering what some of them...
  6. MB165

    a neat online distance, measurment conversion site

    Have yall seen this site yet? Does it all metric to inch or vice versa, type in your number and it converts it to every other dimension there choosing what to convert it to.... Distance and Length Conversion (Online Units Converter)
  7. B

    Fargo Craigslist Bronco

    I saw this in the Fargo Craigslist. I don't know enough about minibikes to know if it is a value or not but it looked neat and relatively together.
  8. doodlebug6.5

    Turbocharging a mini bike

    What would it take to run a turbocharger? Has anyone done it on here? All I know is it would be neat, but most likely be a headache. I know that you need oil and someway to get it to the turbo but what else?
  9. nds1968

    1960 skat kitty mini bike

    I think these are neat but out of my price range. 1960 skat kitty mini bike
  10. R

    Neat little roller

    [/ATTACH] Here is the last one I need to identify
  11. YOOP

    neat little buggy

    what is it ? :shrug: go kart / buggy
  12. jbe24jg

    neat old one on craigslist

    has a westbend old mini bike
  13. trailramdan

    Neat mower

    Never seen one of these
  14. trailramdan

    neat bike

    This is sitting in the back yard where we are working today Mobile Photobucket
  15. trailramdan

    Neat bike good price

    Mini bike Motor and seat need to go
  16. R

    No idea, but looks neat

    So I have discovered a few things this week: This is an AMAZING group! Once you get one mini bike, you want/need more!!! What's this one? Thanks!
  17. james c

    neat powell

    1941 Powell Scooter?
  18. toomanytoys

    neat manco on ebay

    Manco Minibike | eBay Did this come with the tec 2 smoker on it factory?
  19. markus

    Neat Rupp bolt!

    Working on a '68 Rupp and came across one I havent seen yet. There is a pretty cool "R" cast into the head of the axle bolts Might purely coincidental? Yea, I am easily amused :wink: The head tube bolts is the same size and thread pitch only a tad shorter, it is blank I have an...
  20. trailramdan

    kinda neat