1. WrenchDad

    Coil question ,Briggs 5HP model 130202-0135

    Hi guys Currently I cant throw a spark I can feel a small current if I touch the lead while pulling but I cant get a spark to jump. I have cleaned the flywheel and bottom of the legs, I have changed the condenser ,cleaned and set the point but still nothing. I know the coil contact leg gap to...
  2. Z

    Doodlebug Tire Question - Heavy Rider

    So I did a little trading and ended up with a pretty nice little Doodlebug with the jackshaft kit on it and possibly some other mods I just haven't figured out yet. So here is my question, I am 6'4 - 310 lbs and I hear with the right setup I can ride this thing around with my kids that have...
  3. BajaRacer

    Please help! New TAV 2 knock off spec question.

    Ok I did as much searching as possible and all I found was a torque spec. How much do I tighten down the Jam nut on the driven? What should line up correctly in a static position ect? The torque spec I got was 14ft lb. but that was also on a GTC set up... I tightened it up enough to bring the...
  4. trinik7597

    Sebac question

    Does anyone know where I can find replacement rubber bushings for sebac shocks or some that will work
  5. L

    Hawg Ty tire/stem question. Please help

    Hi guys, A few years back i fixed up my father in laws Hawg Ty minibike. He proceeded to use it once and let it sit along the side of the house to rot :( He wants to ride it in the fourth of July parade coming up but told me the rear tire has a flat... says it is leaking from the...
  6. BWL

    Champion Gen. II rocker arm question

    Are the gen. II rockers 1.3 ratio? I put up a quick video on my YouTube channel asking since many of my subscribers are go-kart enthusiasts.
  7. gran_pann

    30 and 40 series max rpm question

    Provided your engine can dish out the RPMS, what is the 'max' rpms any of you all have been able to pull on your torque converters? Failures? Safeguards? I'm not talking about the guy that forgets to put lock-tite on his drive unit crank bolt and throws it at 3600 rpms. Lets hear what you all...
  8. 19honda69

    Bonanza MX lower fork question

    What was the factory finish on the lower forks on the MX bikes?
  9. electra_boogaloo

    dumb question about tread direction

    I got a set of knobby tires from northern tool for my warrior today. Knobby ATV Tire Great for Rough Terrain — 20 x 7.00-8 | ATV Tires Wheels| Northern Tool + Equipment. i'e been riding motorcycles for a while and sometimes the rear and front will have the same tread pattern but will face...
  10. D


    I'm looking for answer to some questions. On Dobbies old drag bike Doom. The blue bike, I would like to know the rear specs and width. Please. Thanks Ken:thumbsup:

    Mini bike of the month question

    Do the bikes need to be submitted specifically for this or are they bikes that already pre exist on this site? . I'm sorry I just kind of forgot how this worked . I personally think (as if my opinion matters lol) that minibike of the month should be selected by the staff at OldMiniBikes with no input...
  12. Oldschoolcool

    Engine offset question

    Hi all, I would like to put a larger engine in my El Tigre roller and have a question on chain alignment. Is there a bolt on jack shaft plate or tourqe convertor with the rear wheel drive sprocket on the back side of the plate for an offset alignment? Thanks, Denny
  13. gbabins1

    TAV question

    I picked up a new TAV about a year from OldMiniBikes warehouse. They were pretty cheap so I grabbed one and it sat for about 1 year before I got around to using it. I put it on a few weeks ago and noticed right away the the driven unit has a slight wobble in it. At first I suspected the 3/4 jackshaft...
  14. Old Lady

    New Predator 212cc Engine Rewind Starter Posistion

    I would love to adjust the pull cord rewind starter so the cord pulls from the back side of the engine. Does anyone know if that is possible? Are the holes on the case symmetrical? If I rotate it counterclockwise 45 degrees will it affect the function? As it is, the cord comes out on the front...
  15. J

    question on 2 speed

    Having owned several Honda 90's with a 2 speed hi/lo setting, I keep thinking a mini trail bike could use one. Only thing I see is a 2 speed clutch. I am hoping to build a bike with a TC and a jack shaft. I remember the early Honda 90's and some of the Suzuki 185's came with two rear sprockets...
  16. novadose74

    Tecumseh 6.5 hp powersport ignition question

    Does anyone have a part number and/or know where I can find an ignition coil for a Tecumseh 6.5 hp Powersport engine? Thanks. I'm going through withdrawal not being able to ride my mini!! Tom
  17. B

    Db30 rear wheel question

    Trying to put my db30 back together , It was apart when I got it. My question is the rear wheel has an offset hub, does the sprocket go on the shorter side? Thanks.
  18. J

    1973 Harley x-90 front wheel assembly question

    Hello I just picked up a x90 mini bike the front wheel assembly was apart I'm trying to put it back together but can't figure out how the spacers ,speedo drive assembly ,washers go -any help would be greatly appreciated -thanks
  19. Wild800

    Aggie 98 Swing arm mtg question

    Hello all, Looking for pics or information on how the swingarm mounts to frame. I have bearings that seemed to be welded to the cross pipe on the frame. Pics I see seem to show a through bolt and nut and washer ?? Also on the jack shaft how is the mtg. there ? Thanks!! Mike
  20. md2020

    Gear ratio question

    Hey all, been a while since I've been on here. Winter time in the great Northwest and I had my Ruttman stored away. With good weather coming up, I've decided to "soup it up" a little. I already ordered parts, but I have a question. Will a gear ratio of 3.5 to 1 work? I ordered a 17 tooth...