1. Powerband83

    Cat frames

    How many different styles/models of Cat frames were made? I recently picked up a model #9005374 frame as a new/current project:thumbsup:
  2. gammatg

    Rupp TC assembly question

    I took apart my 70 Roadster to clean everything up. When I cleaned the motor I took off the TC to clean behind it. It was 45 years worth or dirt and oil. Anyway when I put the TC back on I noticed a little slop in the spacer. Bigger than a 1/16" smaller than an 1/8". I pulled it apart looked at...
  3. D

    Bonanza BC1300sh bolts question

    I am building a Bonanza BC1300SH from scratch. I am in need of most of the bolts for assembly. Can anyone tell me the exact bolt sizes for the following? Neck Bolt Axel Bolts Rear shock bolts (top and bottom) Fender bolts Hodaka motor mount bolts (the bolts that hold the mounts to the...
  4. A

    Valmobile question

    My current question is in regards to crankcase lube. Does this engine require oil in the case? It appears to have the intake charge going through the crankcase. There is what appears to be a drain plug. I removed it and there was no oil in it, so I am guessing it does not need additional oil...
  5. S

    Coleman ct200u Gevernor question

    New member 1st post. My son is getting a Monster Moto mini bike as a gift from his grandparents ( I never got one as a kid no matter how many times I asked ). So I found a slightly used Coleman this weekend on Craigslist, the price was right so I bought it. Now we can ride together. This is my...
  6. cyclopsmoore

    196cc Lifan Greyhound 66015 build underway, question about lash caps

    I bought this thing 5 years ago at HF and it has been in the box since then. I got motivated this week to do something with the Lifan to play around with some extra HP on one of my Minibikes I now have a stage 3 kit from NR racing which includes a bored .65 honda carb, small fan...
  7. Flat Head Phil

    Rupp Question

    So I have this Roadster I took apart years ago, and I have gathered up some parts enough to start putting it back together. My question is: did the motor mount on the slotted or fixed holes? The reason I ask, is that I'm using a Comet 20 primary, and the slotted holes let it line up perfectly...
  8. H

    Possible Newbie dumb question

    Hate to ask a question that could be really dumb but basically was wondering if its possible to put a 49cc engine on a typical mini bike frame? I want to do this so I can legally ride it in colorado without needing to register it and get a motorcycle license.
  9. H

    Minibike serial # question

    I have an old rupp minibike. The serial number is 45162. Can anyone ID the year and model?
  10. cruhr1

    Small diameter Rupp clutch question

    Does anyone know the part number of the Rupp clutch bell used on the Chopper/Cub models with the Tec H25? It has an 11 tooth sprocket for 5/8" shaft and its a smaller overall diameter than the average centrifugal clutch. Mine has most of the teeth broken off so I'm looking for either an original...
  11. I

    Question? Carb replacement on Baja Warrior/MB200/Heat

    Hi - Been following/reading along for a bit, but this is my first post. Bought my daughter a Black Warrior that appears to have never been ridden. Takes some work to start, but does eventually and will idle. Dies when you give it gas. I changed oil, cleaned filter, tightened chain, lubricated...
  12. smudvapor

    Paint Code Question

    Does anyone know the paint codes for the Coleman Sport Bike 2.40?
  13. Thad

    Bird duck Sears drover question

    What is the max engine size and brand that fits this frame? Just hoping something bigger that a 3.5 will fit. Thank you!
  14. R

    TAV 2 30 series question

    I am getting a predator 301cc (8HP), for my bad dog mini bike build (the big one with the 22 tall x 11 wide tires). I know it's at the upper end of the limit, but I am going to use a comet TAV2 30 series converter for the 1" shaft (218355). My question is: has anyone bolted one of these on...
  15. bigrob

    Peerless axle question

    I have a project I am working on that will be useing a peerless axle , that I bought from Gumpit a few years back My question is , do I need to support it with 4 bearings ( 2 per side ) or is the differential strong enough to only use 2 bearing mounted spaced out close to the wheel hubs...
  16. R

    Question about torque converter sprockets

    I work with a knowledgeable guy. I was told that changing the TC sprocket 1 tooth size is equal to a 4 tooth change on the driven sprocket. Is this correct? If so, experimenting with final drive ratios would be cheaper by buying 12.00 sprockets instead of 30.00ish driven sprockets. What...
  17. bikebudy

    TEC HS40 Crank Question?

    Well I've never seen this before but, The Thread end of my HS40 crank snapped off ! Clean, like ya cut it with a knife! Question is will a 3 or 3.5 Crank work as well OR is it a HS40 crank only thing? This is a lighted HS40 as well if that matters. Thanks
  18. apekillman

    quick question about fox sprite

    I searched for a bit and couldn't find anything. I think I did see on here before, but...... what size chain came stock on a fox sprite? I thought I read it was a 41. any truth to this? thank you
  19. IJG

    One Question! Honda GX200

    Hello' I Acquired a GX 200 from a friend,Thanks Vern! :thumbsup: Cleaned the exterior with a brush & gasoline,sanded the rust off the stock fly & magnet,cleaned the coil, lightly oiled a new O-ring for the float bowl, put a new intake & filter, a new shotgun exhaust, & Now.. It won't turn...
  20. ludicrous speed

    quick question about the inbox

    hey fellas,sorry to bother yas, but i got a message tonite someone tried to pm me but,i had a full mailbox so i came here and sure enough i see this You have 145 messages stored, of a total 50 allowed. (Empty Folder) so i hit empty folder,>> Yes ....right? You have 145 messages stored, of a...