1. tin solider3

    Quick question

    Will all the Briggs raptor performance parts work on the Briggs IC engines?
  2. capriottikidd

    quick question on tires.

    what is the diameter of a 4.10/3.50-5 tire? is it 10 inches? just need to double check
  3. Erok000

    Quick question

    Prolly stupid or been answered, but I searched and couldnt find an exact yes or no related to this.. I just ordered a header from Promod( im sick of my cheeks getting heated up), Just the header no muffler or silencer. Do I HAVE to re-jet the carb after adding just a header?? I dont...
  4. george3

    Quick Responce Throttle

    Wanted Quick Responce Throttle for mikuni. The standard mini bike throttle just dont cut it.
  5. jsquared89

    Quick clone question

    Ok so I got a clone in a trade but I can't tell if its a 5.5 or a 6.5hp. I know its a jaingdong it whatever. Is measuring the stroke the only way to tell which it is? And if so what would the measurements be, I searched but couldn't find anything about it. Thanks
  6. scootercat

    a quick question

    Hey Gang, I was scaning thru the freaks and homebuilts,and came across a bike made from a schwinn bike,it has a briggs 5 horse,white wheels and motor,the frame is red.Its on pg 13 about half way down the page.I would love to see more about the build,and the name of the person that put it...
  7. X

    quick clone question...

    Ok just got a quick clone question. New to all this,but the blue (Greyhound Harbor Freight 6.5hp) engine is a clone, I get it. But is it a clone of a Honda Gx 160, or a Honda Gx 200 ?? Might be a dumb question but,ur helps appreciated,thanks!!
  8. 5

    This roller got cheap quick !!!!

    VINTAGE MINI BIKE FRAME ROLLING CHASSIS NO MOTOR USED - eBay (item 140501037835 end time Feb-13-11 19:05:00 PST)
  9. R

    quick Rupp wheel bearing ?

    My 10" spoked Rupp wheels came without bearings or hardware. I got new bearings from Blackwidow that have a groove for a circlip [I think] but no clips came with the bearings. Can I just cut a spacer to go through the rim and keep the bearings from going inside the rim? and if I do use a...
  10. B

    Quick Question

    How can I make a 46cc gas scooter go faster? Thanks!
  11. jesse8931

    Hey ln666 better jump on this quick

    thomas explorer rolling frame thats the mini that takes the mower deck
  12. bullethead

    Quick & Dirty

    I was a little bored today so I built this Wheelie bar. The bike really needed one due to my ridiculous gearing. It took me about 2 hours to slap it together. This bike only goes around 20 but its wheelie scary twitchy trying to get it leave with you still on it. After a few passes up...
  13. grindking

    lookin for a quick responce

    i have a leed on a orange krate gokart but not sure the value or how collectable it might be for future sale after i clean it up & ride it a little first lol thanks for the help :hammer:
  14. W

    Quick thoughts

    I have a question for all you folks. I have a 70 SSSCat II and having a heck of a time finding a HS40 motor for it. I did however have a spare H70 sitting in the shed. Do you think this motor will work on my machine or should I try to find something different?
  15. Tinker666

    Quick Jackshaft Question

    Never really thought of this but when using a Jackshaft, what is the correct placement for the 2 gears. Mine has a small gear and a larger gear? Which goes where??? Thanx
  16. L

    A quick note for people about to put a 6.5hp on their Doodlebug.

    The other day I got my kit from Chris (which was great) and I installed my 6.5 on my DB. I should have taken a picture of my bike, while it was still perfect. I was riding it with one of my buddies in a big open parking lot. The only problem was that this parking lot had a lot of potholes and...
  17. leathernun666

    Quick Scat Cat redo

    I bought this last weekend for $60 delivered.The engine was locked up and it was neglected for years.I stripped the motor down and got everything free'd up and got it running again.The frame was cut out to accomodate the 5hp and the plug position.I cut a piece of conduit and shaped it to...
  18. awkwardkitten

    Super quick question on shaft size

    Well, I just got an old 5 horse Briggs and to tell you the truth I don't know the shaft size. It seems like 1", but is that normal for a 5 HP?
  19. R

    Quick head question

    I broke down my new clone today to put in a billet rod. my question is the head had only two guilds for the head bolts normal? Also, should I have gotten a flat piston too?
  20. Rockwall

    Just A Quick before And After 250x Cat

    This is what I started with ... This is finished ...