1. charliechaindrve

    Rupp continental quick build

    I started a new project last night. I got my old rupp continental roller out of storage and I broke it all down and gave it to my cousin to get it sandblasted. The forks were a major PITA to get apart, but I got the lower legs out after a struggle. My uncle scored me this h35 tec from an...
  2. Man Scout

    Quick tire question before I buy

    Hey all sorry to bother yall with this trivial question but I just wanted ask yall with experience before I decide to buy some new tires. I am looking at buying these snowhogs that are sized 410x6. The measurement seems foreign to me as I have read that the correct size for these on the DB is...
  3. Frank Davis

    Purple Duck, quick fix-em-up

    This is an old Bird Duck that I had lying around that I decided to fix up....I 'm sure I'll make some local kid happy...B&S 2hp engine (not original) that has a plexiglass window to the crankcase! (no excuse for low oil now!).....purple powder coat (with some blue pearl), new seat upholstery...
  4. brendanp

    Quick question on gearing doodle bug

    DB 30 minibike. I just purchased a 212 pred and a 12 tooth max torque clutch. I'm doing a filter/exhaust/main jet/e tube upgrade. The bike still has the stock rear sprocket. (not sure how many teeth) will the stock rear gear pull good? Or should I change it as well? If so, what would be a...
  5. WrenchDad

    sharing a quick fix

    Yesterday on my old Simplicity lawn tractor the drag link for the steering popped apart (socket got worn and the ball joint came out). You have to buy the drag link with the ball joint already attached and it is $82 +shipping. So I decided to create a fix until I have the opportunity to get a...
  6. massacre

    Quick question?

    So do the members here get upset if someone modifies a vintage mini? I have noticed that many here are really into collecting the vintage bikes which is totally cool I just haven't got into that part of it yet, for me it's more of get it running and ride it. I just don't want to offend everyone...
  7. Flootiebuell

    Quick question

    Any reason people on here don't put the location (at least the state) of the items they are selling? Would make it a lot easier to brows and shop! Thanks in advance for answers!
  8. B

    Just a Quick Hello

    Hello everyone. I joined the site back in 2011, and was just sort of a lurker, reading posts and gaining knowledge so I could build a mini bike from the frame I had bought. I bought a HF Predator, a Black Mamba Jr. cam, some billet parts, and a boatload of other parts. Now I am about to start...
  9. bikebudy

    QUICK, e-bay now

    # 191036838613 Great over sized Sissy for some Mini owner...
  10. M

    Quick question ...... I used the search first

    Hi guys... I just mounted my HF Predator 212cc to my 03 doodle bug and I'm trying to figure out how to install the clutch. I have a max torque 13t clutch and spacer that I slipped on the crank shaft. My question is should the clutch be even with the crank end or can the crank end be recessed a...
  11. Truckasaurus44

    Quick ARCO Project

    I figured I'd toss up what pics I have of this one. It's just a quick bike I put together for a friend. I woulda left the bigger handle bars on it but that's what the dude wanted. Here's the pics! BEFORE BETWEEN AFTER!
  12. markus

    quick and easy powerdyne

    I bought this bike the other day, some sort of powerdyne, it came with a brand new never had fuel in it predator, and some pocketbike wheels that werent really mounted. I like the frame, it has the looks of the lil indian but its a bigger frame and sized right for my 6' body. I wanted to...
  13. J

    quick question

    i have a 6.5 honda clone and i was wondering if i remove the govenor, where do you buy the billet flywheel and rod? and are they moderately cheap?
  14. I

    desperate need of some info quick

    I understand my emergency doesn't make it your emergency...but, I need some help quick. I have a (last night) seized Briggs 5hp and I was able to get it apart and find the rod has carved some nasty grooves in the crankshaft. I know I'll need new crankshaft, side cover gasket, and connecting...
  15. joekd

    Quick Saturday ride = huge smile

    I was working in the garage today when my son asked me to look at the chain on his mtn bike, just needed some lube so since I already had the chain lube out I decided to do the baja warrior also Since it would be a shame to put this on the chain and not ride it I went for a quick ride around...

    Christmas in July - just a quick share

    This weekend we has a Christmas in July party on station. We have a party every now and then, good for bonding and relaxing. So every one gets told to bring a wrapped gift under a dollar - yes in SA you can still get a prezzie for under a dollar:laugh: It was an awesome evening, and one guy...
  17. HolyHandGrenade

    Quick Predator Pipe/Air cleaner Question...

    Alright, I've been searching the forums and these are the parts that I've come up with. My question is will these work together on my new, otherwise stock, 212 Predator, and do I need anything else for it to work/run correctly? Besides longer carb studs that is. Told you I'd been...
  18. 125ccCrazy

    quick silver radar gun

    used quck silver radar gun.... works but a couple of the digital bars don't light as bright as the others.... $45 plus shipping
  19. Pongo1320

    Quick Warrior question.

    Wheelbase-45.28" for the Warrior. Thats center to center right?
  20. trailramdan

    couple quick pics of my 66

    finally got my car home in my garage and got some time to roll it out and take some quick pics of it.....hope to have it painted yet this year but we will see! I will most a couple more when photobucket stops being lame