1. jimmynotch

    quick side four-bolt side cover question

    I finally started digging into an old Brigs NP motor I have had for a while. I was reading about other "four bolt" motors that at one time been attached to various pumps/reduction boxes/etc. It was mentioned in one of those threads that with the pump/etc there is a "side cover" which holds the...
  2. S

    Quick throttle question

    Hi guys I had a quick question, I searched and had no luck. Yesterday I ordered a billet flywheel and rod with some 1.3 rockers and some other goodies so I decided to eliminate my governor. I followed agk instructions and im having trouble setting up the throttle. Maybe someone can help...
  3. Kacz

    Quick poll - DB30

    I'm out with my wife and we are at the outlets. There is a shady tool store that has doodlebug DB30s in crates for $200. Wife said no but I convinced her to let you guys decide if I should buy it... So what do you all think? Yes or No? PS Can a predator 212 fit in there? PPS I'm in the coach...
  4. O

    help quick please !

    I'm here at Lowes looking asst the hardware I need to know what size bolt for the threads in the crank on the predator 212 totally forgot I need one and no time to search sorry and thanks
  5. joekd

    Quick Baja warrior seat recover

    I was shopping with the wife at the local fabric store and found this outdoor fabric was 50% off so I decided to buy a yard and have some fun Took my spare warrior seat which I had already removed the ripped OEM cover off of, grabbed the spray adhesive, filled in the holes down the center...
  6. E

    Price check help real quick

    Sorry, im a newbie and not sure if price check rules etc but in need in next half hour. Decided to finally pull trigger on getting a bike. Going with the DB. There is a local guy with one for sale $250, says its mint except, i love that, mint except stuff. Anyway, says choke lever broke...
  7. H

    NSU quick minibike identification required please

    Please help the engine is from a NSU quick which were rare compared to the quickly. The engine though looks like it was manufactured with the mini bike though as all mounting points/brackets look original (the engine goes really well). I have no idea of the brand though Help Please :confused...
  8. oldrelics

    Help! QUICK HS50 piston direction

    Which way does the arrow point on a HS50 piston? Towards the front or towards the valves? Thanks.
  9. hotrodricky

    Margay Quick Change Gear Box

    Margay Quick change gearbox. I opened it up and its very, very clean inside with 4.0 gear. Included is the strut arm $275 plus shipping
  10. B

    Just a quick question.............

    Quick question... we all know the bad parts about not having billet parts.... but how many people on this forum actually got there sac stabbed from flying debris? Not the "i heard about a guy, or the friend of a freind of a friend story". Id like to know... what motor and what was installed when...
  11. S

    Quick throttle question

    I have a mud motor kit I put together with a Predator 420cc. The throttle lever they give you sucks quite a bit. I tried using a brake lever as a throttle and it didnt have enough throw. Do the dirtbike or minibike twist throttles have enough throw for the throttle on this motor? I know...
  12. Custom Manco Gokart Build

    Custom Manco Gokart Build

    Steering wheel quick release for 3/4" shaft w/ hexagonal collar.
  13. Custom Manco Gokart Build

    Custom Manco Gokart Build

    Red anodized Billet Aluminum steering wheel quick release. Ebay.
  14. hemigremmy

    A quick question?

    I'm new around here, I like minibikes, I don't have very much money at all and we have a baby on the way. I have a good bit of car parts I no longer have a use for, I have put stuff on CList and all I ever seem to get there is somebody that wants to trade me stuff I don't need or offer me 1/3...
  15. J

    need quick answer on crank side play

    Just finished putting gx200 together. I am concerned about the crank shaft side play. New rod and crank. The side play is zero. When the bolts are finger tight there is some side play but once torque I don’t feel any. It doesn't seem to be binding when torque. Is this OK. Should I run 2 side...
  16. J

    2 quick questions

    Why do people lap the flywheel, and at what point do you put in a case vent in
  17. Scottessey

    Bonanza chopper- quick question

    Hi Fellas, I'm helping an OldMiniBikes member with his Bonanza chopper. I'm hoping to send it out to powder coat tomorrow. Before I send it out, I want to confirm if these tabs are correct or if they've been re-welded at some point. The one on the left is horizontal, but the one on the right has about...
  18. WernerSchmidt

    quick question.....

    Is this a 4hp engine? If so, how many cc, and any other info. Thanks.
  19. proturbo

    predator 420cc how quick

    I was looking in to buying a Predator 420cc with a Noram Enforcer 1 inch clutch 17 tooth and mount it on one of my DB-30.Will this motor be good for drag racing in the 1/8,and with the 420cc motor will 60 tooth rear sprocket be better then the 70 tooth because of the tork ,my rear tire will be...