1. corcoran9

    Need quick ID!

    My buddy is going to look at this in the morning any ideas I think I know
  2. Randy

    2 DB30'S Quick Sale For Christmas Local Quick Sale

    My Nephew just picked up a pair of like new DB30's The fellow said they where rode around his house maybe 5 times total. I don't have a pic. But there as new. Located up at Dads in Carlisle Pa. Looking for a real quick sale. $150.00 each or $275.00 for the pair. 1 mile off of 81 or 76. PM me or...
  3. 71dodge

    Help quick

    ok im trying to take off a threaded in exaust off a 5hp flat head and the piece that goes is threaded into the motor is STUCK how do i get it off?
  4. V

    Quick question with a simple answer.

    What size is the Azusa minibike compared to the Doodle Bug 30? I am wanting to build a minibike and those are my choices. Thanks for any and all help.
  5. 71dodge

    I need help quick

    what are these bikes are they worth anything?
  6. olajoe808

    quick brake tip

    I see the hydraulic brakes are back.. I'd like to give it a try but for now still using the stock brakes with tons of miles on it. I know the pads are a no brainer to adjust but that will only go so far. So just a tip, if you move the swing arm down from what ever position it is (say 1-2...
  7. Gunner1

    Quick rear rack

    Just finished a conversion (scary power now!). My driveway is .37 miles long and this new box makes getting the mail an adventure now. I'll paint the rack and secure the box with zip ties. The welds were made with a MIG I have and can be cut off easily for future mods. I also put a clutch cover...
  8. steven Durham

    Quick Sand or Firm Ground how do you know?

    When a project grabs you and won't let go how do you stop your self from committing economic suicide. The project soon gets the upper hand and the do you wait around for parts to show up on E-bay or Craigslist or just bite the bullet and make the call. I am fully aware that I have at least 4...
  9. FordGalaxy

    quick and simple exaust

    While walking through Lowes I noticed some flexable stanless pipes for water heaters. They have nuts for 3/4 pipe thread on bothe ends. Screwed a close nipple into my engine, screwed on the flex pipe, screwed a hot dog muffler in the other end and presto. works great, and easy to route around...
  10. charlie the tuna

    Need a quick i.d.

    guy wants 2 bills for this. any idea what it is? worth 2 bills? MINI BIKE 3 HP TECUMSEH
  11. S

    quick question

    I got two extra motors. one is a Brigg- number 80332 1535 01 84062103. the other one is Tecumsen number H34 45564 nrer 1321b. i have no clue about these motor maybe a little help. worst messing with?
  12. S

    Quick question

    Anybody know what kind of mini-bikes they are. how hard would it be to find this brake bracket?
  13. A

    Quick Question About Clone Clutch Installation

    Hi Guys, I bought a Hillard (Masters of Motion) clutch with the bronze sleeve and built in key. When i put it on my HF clone shaft (gear side toward engine), there is about 3/16" space, so with a nut and a washer, the clutch has some play and can move on the shaft. How do you take care of...
  14. H

    Quick Praise for jmbmini

    John, Thanks for taking the time to PM me, offer, and send me at no cost or shipping charge your B&S shroud for my LiL Indian. It arrived today and its a perfect match for my un-restored LiL Indian. I can't say enough good about the folks here on this forum who share freely, a wealth of...
  15. JTsmks

    Quick bolt/clone ?

    What size thread is the on the shaft end of the HF 6.5 (Lifan) also does anyone know the threads of the holes on the block (4) where the shaft comes out? Knowing before a hardware run will make life easier...thanks
  16. I

    Quick Help from anyone.....Harbor Freight 6.5HP Engine

    I just got my DB30 and I'm off to Harbor Freight to get an engine. I've read through several posts that also recommend getting the new clutch, but if I just get this engine Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices would I be alright? I'm a noob so my apologies if this has been...
  17. markus

    Quick What Is It-auction Ends Soon!

    Is this a speedway? its ending a less than 2 hours I'm close enough bid and pick up so quick, Help! Oh yea what engine is that? It looks alot like my HS40 but that intake on the wrong side (or maybe thats why it won't run:confused:) eBay Motors: 70'S MODEL COLLECTABLE MINI BIKE-NO RESERVE...