1. J

    HS 50 recoil housing

    Looking for a solid Tec HS50 recoil housing. Need one without the primer bulb holes and it would be the type that used the old metal recoil with the 4 thread studs not the newer plasic type. Thank you

    Tecumseh recoil

    Hello. Im having trouble rewinding thne spring small enough to fit inside the casing and hook up the end of the spring at the same time. The spring needs to be tightly wound to sit inside the recoil housing. Any advice here please as im not familiar with this type of recoil. Cheers don
  3. ChristiKate

    Looking for a recoil for a Skat

    My Dad is looking for a recoil for a vintage Arctic Cat mini bike and I am having no luck finding anything......Any help would be appreciated! Thanks :)
  4. 1

    looking for recoil

    I know a bunch of you have junked or blown the stock engine on your DB30 Doodle bug/dirt bug. I am looking for just a recoil pull start assembly for the stock 2.8 engine. Thanks in advance.
  5. minibikin'

    Clone recoil needed

    Need a recoil for my first clone powered bike. Its a gx160 if there is a difference. Thanks! Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
  6. W

    3.5 HP Newer Style Recoil Housing

    I need a good working recoild/blower housing assembly for a 3.5 hp horizontal shaft engine.
  7. P

    saxonette recoil needed

    Hello I have a buddy who has an older artic ssscat minni bike with a sachs motor and he needs a recoil. Anybody have an idea as to where I can find it that would be great!
  8. Pug}{maN

    >>>need<<< Starter Recoil Asm for Tecumseh

    need Starter Recoil Asm for H30 Tecumseh , looks like this one...
  9. buckeye

    my fail recoil clutch

    Note to self. Whenever getting old engine started after it has set for God knows how long, always oil recoil clutch. They tend to screech and thud and ball bearings go everywhere. Now what to do. I had another, but want to use the old shroud. The clutch hub is stuck in the shroud like a biatch...
  10. S

    saxonette recoil

    another request here for anyone who might have a recoil for a saxonette engine, and willing to part with it. i have a complete resto project on a a/c prowler going and i am down to the recoil. thanks
  11. jeep4me

    13hp Honda Recoil

    Looking for a recoil for a 13hp Honda (GX390) horizontal shaft engine. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. OldMinibiker

    Recoil Assembly?

    Hey Guys, I have the original HF 6.5 hp blue clone that was basically a Honda copy and need to replace my recoil assembly cause it's acting up.Anyway in your opinion is it better off to get the Honda one vs the aftermarket one for the clones? I'm looking at NR Racing site and see the Honda...
  13. J

    Tecumseh H60 Recoil spring?

    I have an older Tecumseh H60 engine on a vintage Tote Gote (1960-1961). The engine runs fine,but I need a new spring for the recoil pull starter. I cannot find a part # on the old spring, but the Tecumseh engine is a Model H60 75051 witha Serial # of 373 10483. These are all the #'s I can...
  14. KustomKartKid

    Tecumseh Recoil (?) Problems: Calling all Experts

    ..ok here's the deal. On the "WOW" RUPP Continental survivor bike...orig. 3-1/2 hp Tec...often times when I try to start it feels like it's got 14:1 compression...if you pull the cord slowly and get it around to where the exhast stroke is beginning you can give it a good pull and it fires right...
  15. J

    5hp briggs flathead recoil cover

    i'm looking for a recoil cover for a briggs 5hp flathead. Thanks, Tamer joltfreak(at)
  16. dirt

    clone recoil needed no shroud

    clone recoil needed no shroud wanted it adds shipping wieght as frugal as possible :deal::deal:
  17. Cap'n kanuckles

    wtb db 2.8 recoil

    Look for a recoil for a 2.8 baja motorsports recoil.Post or pm me with details.Thanks.
  18. jsquared89

    clone recoil starter

    I'm looking for a Honda clone recoil starter for cheap, I got a gx160 Clone in a trade and can't start it because the recoil is f'd up Also does anyone know if the starter cups are different between the Hondas and the clones? Thanks, Jimmy :thumbsup:
  19. H

    Tech H60 blower housing & governor parts

    I have an older H60 blower housing(no recoil). is has a few small dings but nothing that couldnt be banged out. $20.00 + shipping can take picture for interested parties. Can glass bead for you so its ready for paint for another $10.00 also have a lot of governor parts. Outside arms, inside...
  20. creia

    Rotating recoil cover on HF 6.5

    From the store, these come with the T handle facing forward, which is a bit awkward. I want to rotate the cover back. Is it just as simple as removing the 3 bolts, rotating, and reinstalling the bolts? Is there a possibility of the recoil spring/assembly coming apart during this process? Thanks...