1. J

    Rupp Decals for Ruppster, Roadster, Sprint

    I have some NOS and repro Rupp decals: $8 each, plus S&H: Live It Up Rupp - 5 available #16447 Ruppster Body / Side Decals, 8” long - 5 available 1973 ROADSTER II Gastank Decal, 6.5” long - 2 available $10 each, plus S&H: Rupp TC-1 Torque Converter Decal, 5.25” long - 2 available $5...
  2. smudvapor

    Ruppster Score

    Thanks to an OldMiniBikes member who gave me a heads up I was able to get my hands on this. It needs some work but compared to my other one this one is almost perfect. Maybe a Summer Camp 2018 project for my students? Stay tuned.
  3. smudvapor

    Ruppster parts

    It's not a mini bike but it is a Rupp. I got my hands on a Ruppster and I am looking for parts, I need just about everything, it is a real basket case. I would really like to restore this. Thanks!
  4. Rupp 72

    Ruppster Score!

    Picked this up yesterday, original ruppster, i was told 1971. It has the original Rockwell JLO 230 with electric start! Spent a day and a half working on it and already got the engine to run on a shot of gas. Looking to install the gas tank soon. The gas tank looks almost NOS. I also have all...
  5. myjunk

    I am still looking for a Ruppster gas tank

    Yes, I am still looking to find a Ruppster gas tank. I am hoping someone may know where I could locate one. I know that about the time I go ahead and fabricate one, that's when one will show up! Also looking for a couple other parts for my Ruppster, if someone has any spare parts. Thanks
  6. Ding Ding

    Ruppster buggy

    My neighbor has an old Ruppster buggy in his garage that is very complete and in pretty good condition. It is red in color, and has 4 wheels. That's really all I know about it, and he doesn't know much else. The intention is to get it functioning at some point. I'd like to assist him with...
  7. J

    rupp ruppster questions

    I'm just wondering if the ruppster came with any other motor then the jl230. I found one with a rupp 340 and the rear end looks original not hacked up looks like it was original setup. Does anyone know if rupp made the ruppster prototype or a upgraded ruppster with a 340?
  8. myjunk

    Rupp Ruppster parts needed

    I know its not really considered a minibike.... But does any body know where I could find a Ruppster gas tank, or for that matter any other Ruppster parts? Thanks
  9. myjunk

    Need some help from the Rupp Ruppster guys

    I am working on a Rupp Ruppster, but the gas tank is missing. I am hopeful that someone on this forum may be able to measure theirs and give me the dimentions so that I can build one. I am also in need of a few other pieces, if you have any for sale, let me know. Pictures would be extremely...
  10. Hockeydoood

    Ruppster and muskin dune cat

    Looking for copies or pictures of both the Ruppster manual and musk in dune cat for restoration purposes. If anyone has them message here or pm. Thanks
  11. M

    Ruppster Wanted

    Looking for a very nice orginal or restored Ruppster from the 1970's, was going to get a golf cart for the cottage but then I thought how cool it would be to drive around in a vintage Ruppster. Good mate to my restored Ruttman minibike. Will look at project one as well.
  12. Rupp Ruppster

    Rupp Ruppster

    Rupp Ruppster
  13. Jack in the box

    Jack in the box

    Jack in the box in the Rupp Ruppster
  14. Hockeydoood

    Bringing back the Rupp Ruppster

    Hi guys I recently got into vintage go karts. I first got hooked when, I bought on a whim, a Ruppster from someone in riverside. I liked the way it looked but it needed a lot to be restored. So I have slowly (I mean slowly) started restoring it. Then I ended up finding another one that I bought...
  15. trailhopper

    Ruppster Ad

    Not really sure where to post this Ad so I put it here. Is there a "more than 2 wheels" vintage ad section?
  16. D

    Ruppster for sale

    PM me an email for photos and info Plymouth ma. $1000 oba View my photos
  17. D

    Whats my Ruppster worth

    I have a Ruppster that is in need of a lot of TLC. It is in peices right know but i'm sure most of it is there. I tried to get the engine running but only got as far as making it pop. I have two JLO 230 engines but one is missing coil and carb. What kind of money is one of these worth in needs a...
  18. ratrod1313


    saw this in the classified section. yet something else to add to the wishlist. it looks really cool!
  19. james c

    ruppster for sale

    original jlo 230 engine, custom roll bar, new top end, over 1500.00 invested 1200.00 in my hand at pick up
  20. minibikedude

    Cool 650cc Ruppster on CL.

    I ran across this on Craigslist in the Detroit MI. area. Its a custom Ruppster with a Polaris triple 650cc engine in it. He asking 3500. he says it has a 1989 Polaris engine with custom made exhaust system tuned to the engine. Looks to have aluminum wheels also. He did a nice job on it. I...