1. Newoldstock

    Krylon paint and sand blasting

    Is it just me or have any of you fellows found it to be very thin and unforgiving? 6 months into the clean up of my Onan BGE I have started to repaint it now. The Krylon just would not stick and the rust has come out everywhere. ( that's after a chemical strip mechanical scrub, soap water and I...
  2. JohnnyTillotson

    Careful Johnny...Lightly you sand

    Staring at this fork plate, I cant help but wonder if that Black Beauty "decal" is under there.
  3. dw1973

    Anyone have a Willys Jeep for sale?

    Looking for a Willys Jeep for under $3300. Must be complete or near complete and in good running order. I'm located in Sand Creek, Michigan about 45 min from Toledo, Ohio.
  4. MarksA-C

    El Burro Sand n' Snow Bike

    Well now my job is not so stable anymore so to get myself some spare cash for peace of mind I'm selling off some projects. This is a nice and strait El Burro survivor. The pictures are from when I first picked it up. Hasnt changed except for me taking off the front wheel. The seat is in...
  5. Njisage

    just picked this up a Wipco sand n snow

    What does anyone know about this mini bike. Needs some work but that's what we do right! want to try it in the snow here in Michigan.:scooter:
  6. MarksA-C

    El Burro Sand 'n' Sno Bike Survivor

    A little over a month ago I picked up this bike. Tires are shot, chromes rusty, but its complete with a perfect seat and original engine. Its a true survivor! One of the few unmolested minibikes I've owned. Just have to find a chain guard, I have a lead on one but funds are low right now. I...
  7. cumminsbayou

    mini bikes in sand

    has any one every rode a mini bike like a doodle bug or something like that with the same width in sand? I'm talking about beach stuff not hard packed stuff loose stuff. I have been in a little just on the side of the river and we have a big sand pile in the yard i can go in but it isn't like...
  8. jesse8931

    Birthday gift #2 sand cast cb750

    I cant say to much I dont want some one to scoop this baby up from me but she's a runner and cheap but she's not pretty think hatchet face. But I just cant let such a rare bike pass up.
  9. Jeff Clark

    Playing in the sand box again...

    Made a new toy for the Bonanza folk... actually the part took alot of work not sure I will make many of these... But I can say I did it :thumbsup:
  10. Rupp 72

    El Burro Sand n Sno

    posting for a friend, he is asking $400. Original engine. send me a PM to contact the owner View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery View image in gallery
  11. sand blaster

    sand blaster

    Sand blaster
  12. sand blaster

    sand blaster

    Sand blaster
  13. Dan-E-boy

    good deal on sand blasting cabinet

    So I've been looking into a sand blasting cabinet for a while now because I got tired of sanding everything by hand everytime I want to paint something. I've always wanted one since I started painting motorcycle tanks and fenders but never pulled the trigger. Now that I got into minibikes it was...
  14. W

    Tires & Wheels for a Burro Sand & Snow Bike

    I have an old Burro Sand and Snow Off Road bike that has a destroyed rear tire. On the bikes the wheel and tire were one unit. I had heard some time ago that a atv 6x6 company had a kit to replace wheels & tires on these bikes with some from a 6x6. Does any body know of what I could use...
  15. B

    sand drag bike

    has anyone tried/thought of doing this? or would it even be rideable? i know kenda and ams both make 18" paddles. lemme know what you think.
  16. jbrewton

    What's the best sand blaster??

    I have a Northern Tools box but it just seems to do a low quality job. I've changed nozzle sizes and such. I just don't have room for too large of a monster!
  17. Cap'n kanuckles

    El buro sand and sno bike for sale

    I have a nice original sand/sno bike(project),gemini roller,and a couple of briggs motors(3 and 4 hp)Asking $375 of it all.
  18. Cap'n kanuckles

    El buro sand and sno bike

    Still have not figured out how to post a link,but heres the info.cragslist detroit,EL Burro sand and sno bike all oem $375 with extra wheel.(shelby twp).Wish i had the extra cash.
  19. 80g

    Back from sand blaster

    Well I got the kart back from the blaster today. Was pleased to find everything was in pretty good shape. Had some pitting around the seat pan. Don't think that I am going to do anymore than paint. Does anyone think that I should take the time to spot fill the pits, or should I just roll on?
  20. friction

    Mini Sand bike? What is it?

    Can anyone identify the the gray bike for me? It looks like it may have been re-painted at some point in its life. Original color may have been orange. Or red. Wheels appear to have been white originally. Sprocket on the rear axle appears to have a drum brake type system built inside of it...