1. J

    1992 Carter Brothers Shortster

    Hi! I have two 1992 Carter Brothers Shortsters, these mini bikes are pretty rare and sought after a lot. Both Shortsters have genuine Comet 30 series, 2 speed torque converters and Tecumseh 6.0hp Power Stroke motors. I weigh 220 pounds and these bikes have no problem handling my weight! I would...
  2. J

    Carter Shortster Parts Needed

    Hi all!!! I bought a mini bike for my son. I had no clue what is was until I posted on here. The mini is a Carter Shortster, I need a 60 tooth sprocket, #41 or 428. The bike had a 428 chain and did not fit the rear sprocket properly. So, I bought a #40 chain and it still does not fit. I'm not...
  3. J

    I need some shortster parts!!!

    Hey guys, anyone got a seat, rear springs, fork tubes and/or a shifter peg (We've got the arm). Thanks!
  4. G

    Custom "Shortster"

    So I am building a bike. I found a project on CL and picked it up for $75. I'd been wanting something to work on and this seemed to fit the bill. While I do want build a full size bike someday, I thought a mini would be good way to get some practice. Of course now I'm hooked on the little bike...
  5. tundrabeagle3

    carter bros shortster

    1990s carter shortster Minibike Look like a cool bike never seen one before.
  6. Ajf

    Speedometer drive harley shortster or 10" wheel

    I need a speedometer drive from a Harley davidson x90 shortster or any drive from a 10" wheel bike. It's the piece that mounts to the wheel axle. Let me know what you have.
  7. miked

    looking for carter shortster 10" wheels

    Looking for carter shortster wheels 10"
  8. ShortsterCarter

    Need help with headlight/rearlight on Shortster by Carter bro's after engine swap

    The engine that was originally on it was a Tecumseh 5.5hp and I replaced that with a Predator 6.5hp. The lights originally connected to the Tecumseh flywheel (Or something behind it?). Think I would be able to put the lights onto the Predator flywheel (Or something behind it!)? I don't want to...
  9. Square_Chopper

    Carter Bros "Shortster" on local CL

    I had heard of the company, but never seen one of these before. From what I've read about Carter Bros, there can't be many of these around. :shrug: shortster by Carter mini bike I texted the guys for pics, the ones he sent were crappy..... So I googled it to see what it...
  10. O

    Just scored a 1974 Harley x90

    I just picked up a x90 that needs electrical and carb work. It's totally complete except for headlamp and taillight assembly. It has 764 miles on it original rubber and everything. The guy I got it from got it from his neighbor ( original owner ). He said the last time it ran was about 15yrs ago...
  11. nigel

    71 harley shortster

    just got it a few days ago, its a 4 speed i think, an street legal! Sent from my iPod touch using Tapatalk - now Free
  12. C

    1973 Shortster decals

    I need a picture of the proper placement of the tank decals on a 1973 HD Shortster. Thanks
  13. C

    Shortster length of fork stem

    Does the stem on a HD Shortster to all the way to the top of the handle bars or is there a 3" space between the handle bars and the upper base of the front fork?
  14. C

    '72 Shortster

    Hello all, I'm new to this so bare with me. I just picked up a rough '72 Shortster and want to start collecting parts for it. In most of the eBay listings it refers to them as an X90 as well. Can anyone tell me where to find out what parts actually are interchangeable? I've searched through...
  15. jeep4me

    Carter Brothers Shortster

    Selling this Shortster to raise some money for Windber. The bike runs great. Has working head and tail lights and a working brake light. 6hp Tec OHV. Torque converter, full suspension, smooth rider. Asking $500 or best offer. Paypal or USPS money order. Interesting trades might be...
  16. countstevula

    Carter Brothers Shortster

    I picked this bike up recently from OldMiniBikes user paul h. What a great guy, he drove it up from Alabama for me, since he was coming this way anyways. It's a smaller bike and moves out quick :scooter: It has a torque converter and 6hp tecumseh OHV with primer bulb carb. It will wheelie without...
  17. mybiz

    Shortster Needs false gas tank and chain guard

    Any 1 having these Shortster parts speak up...
  18. Tom S.

    HD Shortster

    RARE 72 Harley Shorster
  19. P

    carter bros shortster

    1990's shortster for sale,6hp lighted tecumpseh power sport engine.Runs great and one of the fastest stock minibike i ever rode.I replaced the stock carb with a new one.$450.00 Can deliver 200 miles from Al.
  20. D

    Pile of Harley mini-bike parts x65 shortster & x 90

    I have 2 x65 shortster frames and 1 x90 frame. 1 of the 65's is a roller, with engine, tank, forks, wheels, seat, about 75% complete. The 2nd 65 is just a frame, some wheels, a spare motor and a few random bits. The 90 is just a frame. I would like to sell the whole lot. If anyone is...