1. 5

    I have 2 NOS Briggs 5hp cylinder heads & small bearing covers

    These are from 2 Baddog engines I bought on ebay for a dual engine project. I decided to cancel the project and part out the engines. All I have left are 2 crankcase covers with bolts, 2 cylinder heads with bolts, & an electric start flywheel shroud. I am asking $35 per item, but willing...
  2. CarPlayLB

    Briggs 5HP/Raptor large bearing sidecover

    I am in need of a large bearing sidecover for a Briggs 5HP or Raptor. This will be the piece that accepts a roller bearing and will measure approx 2" inside diameter where the bearing sits. I have cash, and some stuff to trade.
  3. FloridaMiniBikes

    Tecumseh H35 Parts Lot. Tank Head Cam Sidecover etc

    Head & Bolts. Hot tanked, with 3 New head gaskets Flat, no cracks, but has very small chip on one fin. Gas tank, with top bracket. a little beat up, but No leaks. Sidecover and Bolts. Cam, and tappets. But wait, there's more! A brand spanking new #35 master chain link. $60...
  4. The Restore Kid

    Rockford Chibi - Bridgestone sidecover & stuff

    Buddies picked up a pretty nice Chibi I guess.. Needs the cover that goes over the carb, and I wanna say something else..
  5. CarPlayLB

    TEC HS50 block and sidecover

    Makin room for more stuff I don't need! I have a Tecumseh HS50 block with side cover . The bore is in good condition and the governor arm is in place. I don't know much about these, so if you have any questions, ask away! I am looking for $40.00 plus shipping. I also have a new rod for the same...
  6. S

    Gx160/gx200 sidecover

    Does the gx160 side cover fit the gx200 block?
  7. M

    Wtb: Clements billet sidecover for raptor

    Looking for one I haven't been able to find one anywhere. If anyone has one I'd be very interested. Thnaks
  8. Clayon

    Stuck Sidecover

    Do any of you guys know a good safe way to remove a stuck crank case side cover on a 3hp FH Briggs? I am working on a motor for a lawn aerator, I have taken the gear reduction off, and all the bolts are out, I am trying to remove the sidecover, which appears to come off the same way as your...
  9. markus

    tecumseh HS40 ball bearing side cover needed

    I am putting some motors together and I would like to find a ball bearing sidecover as found on the Rupp motors and some others, thats not damaged of course. Let me know if you got one to sell:thumbsup: what it looks like:
  10. novanick63

    Briggs animal sidecover

    Briggs side cover needs sand blast other than ugly paint on it it's perfect no damage $15 call or txt 714-290-0019
  11. X

    HS40 sidecover

    Tearing down a HS40, cannot get the blasted sidecover off. It has popped loose from the case, but it is like it is stuck on the shaft, it won't slide off the shaft. Any tips? I have never had a problem pulling off a sidecover when working on briggs or OHV's, but this is the first tec...
  12. P

    GX-390 with billet head and billet sidecover and all the goodies.

    I have a gx390 for sale. It has the Matt sachs billet head with the parsons billet sidecover and all the goodies. BTW the block and everything else down to all the bolts is new and fresh just brake in time with FHS 62r....... If you would ask me for my number and I can send pics along with the...
  13. A

    Billet Aluminum Sidecover from ARC

    The long-anticipated 6057 Billet Aluminum Sidecover is now available. Not only does this sidecover look great, but it adds structural integrity to the block, increasing engine durability. Features include: •Side-by-side dual ball bearings for the crank main journal, adds an additional...
  14. M

    arc billet sidecover

    Anyone running the arc billet sidecover,i was wondering about the bearings, it came with two for the sidecover,seems to be a tight fit where they go into the sidecover,it comes with three bolts that hold the bearings in place on the sidecover,my question is the crank seems to be 1 inch and the...
  15. Y

    5 hp briggs I/C dual bearing block,sidecover

    5 hp briggs I/C dual bearing block,sidecover Just like it says Email me pics and prices shipped to 54220
  16. korndog

    WTB: Briggs 5hp inspection plate or cut sidecover

    Looking for 5 horse side cover cut up for clearance inspection. If anyone has a sidecover and can cut the top and bottom off and leave the crank and cam bosses in tact, please let me know. Something like this.
  17. ole4

    briggs bearing sidecover info

    I am building a mini engine out of a funpower cool bore bushing engine. I have a small bearing sidecover but I am not sure it will work with the bushing crank that is 1 inch diameter where the bearing would go. Is the small bearing sidecover only used with the smaller journal PTO crank? Or is...
  18. 5

    NOS Briggs 5hp Small Bearing Sidecover

    $60 Shipped !!!!
  19. O

    HS40 Sidecover/C-clip removal without destroying oil seal?

    Well I really F'd the dog... I finally got my motor back together, got everything buttoned up and secure and I put the effing oil scraper in backwards. So now I have to take the motor apart :mad2: It usually wouldn't be a problem but I already pressed on the oil seal and I have no idea where...
  20. R

    Wanted: 5hp Briggs sidecover, camshaft

    Need a 5hp single shaft side cover for Briggs horizontal shaft mill, also stock cam. I currently am rebuilding a 5hp Briggs off a rototiller, and the power reverse take off shaft and camp are one unit, can't remove it and plug the hole, so I'm looking for a side cover off a non-rototiller...