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  1. O

    California Green Sticker

    I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I was wondering if anyone had Green Stickered a Coleman CT200U in California? If so did you encounter any difficulties. Thank you for your time, Oldphart:confused:
  2. AboveUpNorth

    Mini bike...Hodaka sticker on frame...what is it?

    The frame looks a lot like a RUPP TT500 or 69's not .....but looks awfully close. By the looks of the engine plate it was 4 cycle ran by comet clutch....Sprocket on the right side... I know some (like Bonanza, C 1400 SH) ran the Hodaka engine...... The round swing arm has me...
  3. neo71665

    montgomery ward 242 sticker set

    It's supposed to read 424, my dyslexia kicked in typing the title and I didn't catch it before I hit enter. I've searched fleabay, done a few google searches, and quickly looked around here but is there a place where I can just get a sticker set for a montgomery ward 424? Was hoping I could...
  4. 73whitelighting

    Symco Drag Sticker

    New Symco drag sticker available to racers at Symco drags this
  5. T

    49cc vinyl sticker for recoil 2 7/16" or 62mm

    Brand New- $7 These are gloss black circle with 49cc street legal in a dark red. They fit the recoil of the 6.5hp clones. I have it on a Gx clone, fits perfect. You'll notice in pic the front has a film that gets removed after you press it down. Located in CT.
  6. Biffmini

    Sticker Help for DEADPOOL MINI

    I still need help with DEADPOOL Sticker / Decal to fit eliminator barsThe red lettering is what I'm after. I'm sure I can find a shop in town to help, just thought I'd start here.
  7. lostinbaja

    I need a sticker set

    I need a sticker set for a J.C. Pennys El Tigre. Does anyone reproduce them or have some good crisp pics so I can get some made? Thanks again, Jerry...
  8. C

    unknown sticker

    is this a factory sticker? it is located on the rear fender of a 71 climber
  9. lostinbaja

    Manco Trailcat Fork Plate Sticker?

    Does anyone know if there is a sticker available for the Manco Trailcat Fork Plate? If I can't get the sticker, does anyone have a good sample of the Manco Trailcat I can make a copy from? Jerry....
  10. Not so mini bike

    What are they.

    I know the one is a bird. Not sure the model. It had the serial plate sticker only thing I could make out is bird. It has 5" split rims. Everything appears to be original except the motor. Not even sure about this one. Any help would be great. Come out come out where...
  11. Not so mini bike

    Rupp what?

    Yes I know the tank says roadster 2 on it just want to make sure. The front wheel is 12" and the rear is 10". Is it supposed to be like that. What year is it. I've tried looking for some kind on plate or sticker to ID it but can't find one. Any help?
  12. E

    hey member here. need the pros to help identify!

    hello names tom.i live in detroit where im sure all you know as the motpr city! minibikes included! im 22 years old and an avid fan of minibikes,schwinn stingrays and mopars. i came across this lil indian minibike and im not sure what year it is.i look everywhere with no marking i...
  13. Clinton B-700 Engine Tank Decal

    Clinton B-700 Engine Tank Decal

    Clinton B-700 Engine Tank Decal
  14. J

    Lil Indian NOS 7000 clutch guard Sticker

    This is a NOS sticker I have had stored for several years. The bottom portion in the photo is the reflection from taking the picture. Would be great for a restoration. 32.00 shipped. Postal Money order only please.
  15. A

    Wanted: Cat 300x fork sticker and kickstand

    Looking for a Cat 300x fork sticker (repro is fine) and a Cat kickstand. Let me know! Thanks.
  16. X

    Rupp sticker location

    I am restoring a hustler and have a sticker set, but which sticker goes on the air filter housing and which one goes on the rear tube immediately behind the engine? I have two that make mention of not running this with the guard removed (one of which I know goes on the chaing guard). I have...
  17. 1stlegendtx

    Steens feather gas tank sticker (Taco)

    Anyone ever have the Steens feather gas tank sticker remade?:shrug:
  18. incogrhino

    5$ sticker

    From my adventures last weekend... 5$. Figured ya like it.....
  19. R

    Trail Sport model identification help / sticker help

    Can anyone help with identifying what Trail Sport model my mini bike is? Its got the 4hp Techumseh engine. I'm trying to get hold of all the Trail Sport stickers that are located around the bike. Since re-coating the frame, I still need to replace the stickers. Original, as new in Red...
  20. Tank logo

    Tank logo

    tank sticker logo