1. J

    Reproduction Tech HS throttle assebly

    3 assemblies available. $40.00 each, shipped via USPS priority mail. Postal money order only please. Regards, Joe51
  2. Dr. Shop Teacher

    TECH: Briggs Carb Troubleshooting Guide

    This is a good service reference for troubleshooting pre-emission and emission-compliant carbs (covers OHV). Hits the variants of Briggs tank-mounted carbs and float-bowl type carbs. Useful for any brand engine...
  3. PatrickCraik

    Tech H35 Side Cover

    Hi,I have a great running H35 with a 1" shaft and the oil fill on top of the side cover.Did they make a cover for that engine with the fill near the bottom like on our minis?Thanks
  4. David wulf

    Intake manifold for sale , tech carb to Briggs 5hp

    For sale is a intake manifold to put a tech carb on a Briggs 5hp motor . And to help sway buyers is a custom throttle setup to make this combo work . You only need a carb and cable Clevis , not getting mine . Price 35.00 shipped
  5. 45t

    WTB Tecumseh Power Sport 3.5hp, 4.0hp or 5.0hp or other tech engine

    WTB Tecumseh Power Sport 3.5hp, 4.0hp or 5.0 hp engine like the black engine pictured. I'm looking for a good running, bolt on and go engine for my sons 400TS. I'll consider other good running tech engines too, like the white engine pictured. Thanks :thumbsup:
  6. C

    Link to Tech. carbs

    I found this on the may help someone Tecumseh Carburetor parts, diagram, manual, troubleshoot guide | Tecumseh Carburetor Guide
  7. james c

    wtb van tech or savage mini bike also wanted, kart engines mcculloch komet
  8. J

    tech part number needed

    Can anyone provide the Tecumseh part number for the wire link from the big block H50 throttle assembly on the shroud to the gov, arm. It would be the lower one.
  9. massacre

    Billet Flywheel For Tech OHV Power Sport 5HP?

    I have a little OHV 5HP Power Sport engine with the governor still attached. I was thinking of removing it. Does anyone make a billet flywheel for these motors, or know where or which model I would need? Thanks!
  10. Dragbikemini

    Tech 5.5 OHV Pull Start

    Looking for pull start and maybe some other items for OHV 5.5 Tech. Perfer cheap as this is a basket case gokart project that might not work out. Have Paypal. Thanks Doug. 914-494-1288 if you like to text.
  11. David wulf

    Needing a tech 3 hp or 3.5 motor with small metal tank

    I'am restoring a bonanza 1100 and need a correct motor for it , it's a mid peg bike . I have a rupp HS40 with the long shaft I'd be willing to trade .
  12. boatguy

    Tech Carb Help

    I got a bike at the Ann Arbor show with an OHV Tech motor that I think is a 6 or 6.5hp.The motor will start if I shoot gas in the carb but stop shortly after. The numbers on the carb are 5243. I know nothing about these motors--does it need a carb clean or replace? It is the primer ball type...
  13. hemigremmy

    JD2 software help

    Does anybody have any software for a JD32 bender? My buddy bought one and then JD2 removed the software they had up on there website. He contacted them and they said they are working with Bend Tech to come up with some software but the Bend Tech software is like $400 plus. I know people on here...
  14. 6doggie3

    5th Bonanza

    This is my 1st BC mid peg bonanza! Not sure what model? I posted some of the problems with the mini in the tech section. The rest I can live with?
  15. kruger

    tech sale

    I have tw o tecumseh engines for sale ,5 hp black &3 hp .I would rather sell them here where they will be used instead of scrapped. I've heard both run with no problems. the 5hp i'll take$ 150 shipped.$100 for 3hp shipped lower 48 states. on me with questions or offers.
  16. trinik7597

    tech engine question

    can someone tell me what size tecumseh engine this is :shrug: got this with a bonanza purchase i know it was not original to the bike it has a lighting coil but the fly wheel threads are sheared of the crank and at first i was just going to trash it but then i figured i would crack it open and...
  17. 1967 Tempest

    Home made gas tank pictures and tech thread

    My TAV trail Horse build might need a new gas tank. I'm looking for some homemade versions or versions done on the cheap that look cool. Thanks Dave:grind:
  18. butch63

    8hp tech

    anyone know if this motor has same bolt pattern as 212 predator? wanna put it on a hawg ty. thanks also put this in general section
  19. butch63

    8hp tech

    anyone know if this motor has same bolt pattern as 212 predator? wanna put it on a hawg ty. thanks
  20. 8hp