1. J

    Montgomery Ward Mini Trike

    Picked this up just last weekend. It has a Kohler K2951T motor and pops and runs with a prime. Continues to run with a little squirt of mix, but won't go on its own. I have only taken off the fuel lines and the "bowl" of the carb and the idle inlet. The bottom line had the ethanol globs and...
  2. xr7gt

    Ward's 555 trike

    I picked up a Wards 555 trike tonight. It was just a roller. Put my 7 hp Subaru engine on. Going to be a fun mini for my Girlfriend. I had no idea they have a differential. I thought it was a live axle.

    Alsport Trike

    Alsport Tri-sport
  4. Blisters1

    all sport trike

    All sport trike for sale. 6.5 horse predator has maybe 2 hours on it tops. New rear wheels and tires. New tav 2 convertor. New chain, bearings,jackshaft,band brakes, handles and cables,new front shocks. Front fender is chipped up. $400.00. No room to keep it. Just moved. Pick up only in big...
  5. incogrhino

    anyone ever ship a trike body?

    Just wondering if and what is the best way to get a trike body across country. Mudbug73 is in need.....and I happen to have a mud bug body in my stash. My biggest reservation is it meeting it's death on the trip. I know we got some ninja packers on here. Any suggestions? Uship?
  6. YOOP


    different,first one I've seen,nice shape 70's Exalter Explorer Trike Much Like A Tri Sport or Alsport | eBay
  7. mudbug73

    Trikes across America

    So over the last week I have searched every lower 48 states CL for trikes. I did this for a couple reasons, to hopefully find a mudbug body, to see how many are still out there for sale, and maybe to help someone find a trike close to them to save. Im sure i missed some, 4 were deleted and 2...
  8. S

    Alsport SL Street Legal for sale

    In very good condition, this turn-key 41 year old trike will turn heads and is a lot of fun to ride! It's a 1974 Alsport LS street legal trike with a 16 HP Tecumseh engine (40-50 mph), electric start, turn signals, brake lights, headlight, horn, and speedometer. Comes with title and VIN number...
  9. J

    home made trike

    I live in Norway , and minibike related stuff is next to nothing! So I have to build it myself. Here's a small video of my brother on my trike in progress. Home made trike - YouTube
  10. myjunk

    What is it trike?

    Help me out guys, what kind is it? Thank you
  11. wildbill59

    Well, it's kind of an old mminibike...

    Twenty bucks, I couldn't say no. There's a plate between the handle bars that was sprayed over with green paint, and then some kind of mounting plate (headlight, perhaps?) was screwed over it. Across the bottom, I can clearly warns you about 'off-highway use only', that sort of thing. Across the...
  12. Tom S.


    My wife and I are on a California road trip this weekend. I saw this trike tonight on the Redding CL. Seems like a lot of dough for a non-runner, but I don't know anything about these.
  13. A

    Phoenix (Bird) Manufacturing Trike

    Looking for plastic fenders and other body parts for my Phoenix trike. These were also sold as Bird Manufacturing trikes through Montgomery Wards and Western Auto among others. Any help would be greatly appreciated !
  14. P

    Rat Trike Update

    built this a couple years back and going with a new rear end and new motor.should be interesting.
  15. B

    where can i post trike parts for sale with out getting in truble

    where can i post trike parts for sale with out getting in truble
  16. D


    hello my name is David just picked up an alsport trike and no nothing about them
  17. jdogg

    Cool Trike!!

    Nice looking Drift Trike!! Sounds like a small business is making them! Drift Trike NTC | eBay
  18. steven Durham

    Tri-Sport cooking the trail

    Well yesterday I went to see my Mother the family was digging up a 500 gallon oil tank that had been in the ground for over 50 years and all went well. My mother gave me another picture from my past. Nothing gives you a thrill like screwing up the wick and putting the trike through it's paces...
  19. steven Durham

    Tri-Sport RAT PACK

    As you know all my best stories start with ( A long time ago ) So this is just another adventure, My 93 year old mother is selling her home so she has been going through lots of stuff to get rid of her large amount of paper works. A couple of months back she gave me a folder from 1971 with all...
  20. A

    Looking for Bird MFG Trike plastics

    I have been working on a Bird MFG trike for a few years now. I have it running and driving great now I would really like to find plastics for it. The old ones are cracked, patched badly, and brittle. Any info on new,NOS, or good used plastics? Any help would be awesome. Thanks ! 2 photos of the...