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    Minibike frame jig
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    Welding gastanks

    Welding repair

    I had to share this mess..... So a friend asked me if I could repair a fence gate hinge for a friend of hers and I nonchalantly said sure..... Well I was a little taken aback when I got the hinge plate. The upper hinge pin had come "unglued" because it wasn't welded... I cleaned it up and you...
  7. F

    high school welding class project

    Hi all, I teach a small engine and welding class to high school students in Lubbock Texas. We are building a mini bike as a class project. We are looking for some bonanza 1300, or similar parts to complete a project. We are looking for the following parts: Used Complete front fork...
  8. Docdc

    Welding and a Pacemaker

    Well........ Looks like my heart took me out of the build off this year. I had a Fox Campus to do and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how one views it :ohmy:) I will have to have open heart on February 2nd. So I have been advised they will implant leads for a pacemaker. Oh...
  9. capguncowboy

    Welding up a plastic Hilltopper fuel tank

    I picked up a Hilltopper a few months back and it had a few things wrong with it, but everything was easily fixed. It's not pretty, but it ran well and the fuel tank didn't leak -- That is, until my brother-in-law laid it down at Windber. The fuel tank started leaking later that night. I...
  10. weldkingoc

    WANTED: people in need of pro welding fab and repair work in trade for parts

    I am a metal fabricator and welder of 20 years, i am offering my service in exchange for minibikes, go carts, minibike or go cart parts etc etc. i can make hard to find parts to complete a project, duplicate parts, repair damaged wheels and frames etc. let me know what you need done and what you...
  11. joshua. c.

    welding in a port, good or horible idea?

    iv read a lot of threads where people use epoxies to re shape ports for better flow but wouldn't welding the port then grinding it to the correct shape be a better way of accomplishing this? the biggest issue I could se would be the heat warping the block and port or damaging the lifters and...
  12. LSCustoms

    Welding Table Project

    I have been looking to build a welding table for a while, as the ones that are available are pretty pricey and not what I want... the one i would love, my dream table, is way out of my budget... so... since I have the capability to build one... I decided to build one the way I wanted... although...

    Someone tested their welding skills...... Taco 22

    If you look at all three bikes you will notice the owner tested his welding skills and by blending bikes.. Can you see what was done between the three bikes. Give you one The Taco's 22 original forks are on the green bike. P.S. Look at the rear parts to the bikes Hint! What a shame to...
  14. markus

    Lil indian with odd forks

    Bidding is pretty heavy on this, I never noticed that style forkplate being used on the lil indians are they correct? I would have to say its early to mid 60's if the brake provisions are not there. The welding of the engine plate and welded on kick make me think there was some "work" done to...
  15. jeep2003

    Leather Welding Jacket Medium

    Leather welding Jacket. In good shape just dirty. I think its a medium. $40. shipped
  16. J

    TAV +Engine Plate + Baja Heat/Warrior = Questions

    If I use an engine plate on my Warrior (with either the stock engine or a 212 Pred Hemi) to provide clearance for the TAV clone, will it interfere with gas cap removal/installation and refueling? Also, if I do NOT use the engine plate, will I have to cut off reinforcing ribs and part of the...
  17. Phil1958

    Miller Portable Welding Table

    anyone have experience with this welding table?? : Miller - ArcStation i have space restrictions and the folding table woud work out good.
  18. Bobscooters

    HF welding table

    anyone see these welding tables on sale at harbor freight, last time i welded on my portable plastic table i melted a spot:doah: yeah i know. might go see if they are worth $50. bucks. Adjustable Steel Welding Table
  19. minimotor

    Welding a Bonanza wheel

    Has anyone repaired a cracked Bonanza wheel welding it?
  20. Taco T100 frame repair

    Taco T100 frame repair

    After pic of a repair to a broken/cracked frame