1. hotrodbutcher

    71 Rupp hustler wheels or wheel hubs needed.

    First post on this forum and I'm looking for stuff...imagine that. I recently got a 71 Rupp Hustler and found that the brake side wheel hubs were shot. One is cracked beyond use, the other one is a loose fit for the bearings. I'm not looking to do a restoration on this bike, just want to make it go.
  2. sam j

    Simplex Challenger Mark II front wheel

    Anyone know where a guy might find a front wheel for his Simplex Challenger Mark II go-kart. It's the type of wheel that uses tapered roller bearings. Let me know. Thanks!
  3. trinik7597

    Tristar 5" front wheel

    Tristar 5" front wheel with saw tooth tire $35 shipped
  4. B

    Wtb MTD wheel

    Looking for one mtd rim front or rear. Thanks bryce.
  5. 1968 victor

    wanted powerdyne 6" front wheel

    hi, i have been looking for one of these for awhile to finish a powerdyne mini bike project i have. if this is something you might have for sale please let me know. the picture shows two wheels but i only need the front one. thank you.
  6. Sixpac440

    Heald VT-7, VT-8 or VT-10 roller with the small front wheel

    Looking for a Heald VT-7, VT-8 or VT-10 roller with large rear wheel and the small front wheel from the factory .. I live in Grand Rapids Michigan ... Thanks Kevin
  7. red baron

    sears mini bike wheel troubles

    Hi guys, I just picked up an old sears mini bike that from what I can tell is the same as a Bird Wren. I bought some 4"wheels and the rear hub is way too wide which is throwing off my alignment. I found pictures online of this bike and the sprocket hugs the tire. With this set-up the sprocket...
  8. R

    Spacer between Sprocket and Tri-star wheel?

    Hi everyone, I'm relatively new to the forum so I hope I'm in the right spot. I'm trying to mount a non standard engine to an AZUSA minibike kit (Sachs KM 48). When I place my engine on the mounting plate, I have to shift it all the way to the right in order to line up the clutch and the...
  9. T

    Bent RUPP 12 inch wheel

    Hello mini bike guys. Restoring a 1972 RUPP Roadster2 and while removing the old Chinese tire someone put on I noticed a few spokes were bent. After removing all the spokes and hub I rolled it on the floor. The wheel rim has a wobble in one spot, evidently someone hit something hard. Was...
  10. joebiodiesel

    Roadster 2 12" wheel bearings

    I'm installing new wheel bearings in my Rupp. I ordered a set from Black widow Motorsports. They looked like normal wheel bearings, and not what I had taken out. So i visited a bearing shop in otder to get what I needed. He showed me that I was an idiot. The bearings I got were correct, and...
  11. hotrodricky

    WTB 5" 2 piece steel wheel

    Looking for a 2 piece 5 in. steel wheel that resembles the Lil Indian steel wheel.
  12. trinik7597

    5" tristar wheel

    5" tristar wheel , Sprocket , and brake with saw tooth tire $50 shipped
  13. cfrewilly

    wanted 1 Cat wheel star

    I need one Cat wheel star painted or not, please include price and shipping via pm. Thanks C
  14. R

    69 Rupp Roadster wheel spacers

    My apologies if this has been covered before, but my search results are far too broad. Rebuilding a Roadster with my son. Every single part that came off during disassembly is present and accounted for. I have two wheel spacers/tubes, but I think I see a total of 4 in the fuzzy print copy I...
  15. Not so mini bike

    5" Manco wheel set w/tires

    Brand new tires and sprocket. Freshly sandblasted wheels. Also has the sprocket adapter. $125 shipped.
  16. Not so mini bike

    4" wheel half

    Well turns out I didn't have one. Well I have lil Indian 4" wheel halfs but they are completely different. In need of one like this. This one is on my cheeftah build off bike. Not sure what other bikes this type of wheel came on. Will buy the whole wheel if I need to. Have cash or parts for...
  17. fhpe77

    Astro wheel sprocket issues

    My el Tigre resto-mod project is coming along nicely. So far I have replaced the handle bar grips and throttle control, the rear shocks, the clutch, and added a clutch band brake. Additionally, any bolts that get touched get replaced with grade 8 fasteners. Lastly, I replaced the wheels with...
  18. SaltCoupe

    Wheel I.D.

    Anybody recognize this wheel? Who may have manufactured it? (6" wheel) It's on a go kart but figure it may have been used on mini bikes as well? Thanks in advance!
  19. trinik7597

    Cat front wheel ,tire ,and stars

    Cat front wheel with Adrian 12.5/6 tire in great shape and a full set of 3 stars $75 shipped
  20. OND

    DB Wheel and Tire

    If anybody is looking for a DB wheel, tire, sprocket and rotor...here's a cheap one ! Not mine. Doodlebug DB30 rear wheel and tire assembly | eBay