Cadman's Bonanza

20200131_205413.jpg Here we go...

My son Cadman and I bought this little bike from Rick Chatten, at Windber the other year.

As it sits, minus the boots we paid $50 !

Now it's time to get it going.

I plan to recruit Cadman off the xbox, and on to the tool box...!

Posting this from my phone, so if issues with the picture, I'll log on to the laptop to resolve.

I just wanted to make sure to get this in before the deadline.

Karen, thank you for moderating the build off...!
Hey thanks y'all.

Karen, I am not certain which model it is. And I'm not sure if the modified forks were even original before they got modified ?

I'll get some better pictures up, and will take all the help I can get, on identifying it !
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SHOOOOSH!!! Dude those boots staaank!
The "Nanza" is very cool!!!!!! Good luck on your build.
Thanks SuperFlea.

Yeah, those are Cadman's Windber boots...they've seen some action !

He's probably outgrown them for this year. I'll have to pass them on to one of the grandkids, for them to use in Windber.
I posted up these pics on a what is it thread, and got confirmation that it started life as a Bonanza mb250.


Step one imo, is to clean it up a bit, before complete disassembly. Reasoned we should get that chain guard out of the way first, so I had Cadman try to loosen the nuts on the three bolts attaching it, and it felt like they were welded So got Cadman to spray them down good with pb blaster. Hoping they'll break free today.
PB Blaster is your Went out later that day, and was able to break free all 3 frozen nuts holding the homemade clutch guard in place. Once I broke them loose, I got Cadman to take them the rest of the way off.


Gotta remember to take these pictures with my phone sideways. The next few updates are gonna be sideways
Didn't get back out there till last weekend.

Our family friend Brandon came over to help Cadman.

I got them to remove the motor, seat, and throttle.

After that, they sprayed all the grease covered areas with brake cleaned okay, but puts off a lot of fumes.

I checked with John @dumptruckboy about degreasing, and he recommended Zep...purple cleaner. I couldn't source it locally, for that day, so opted for purple power which has similar active ingredient. Much less fumes, and much better degreasing capabilities than the brake cleaner lol...imo.
While looking it over good, to see which non original parts needed cut off, we found an interesting tab, along the bottom of the left side frame rail, behind the motor plate, below the jackshaft plate. The tab appears original to me.

Do any of y'all know what this tab is for ?
Thanks y'all, very much.

Here's more questions then.

With this being an mb250, having the original scrub brake, do y'all know what sort of brake this was intended for ? Like an expanding drum brake, or what ? Was it an option for this model, or was this frame used for more than one model ?

Thanks again.