Chipper's - MTD SS300 - (Vintage Class)

Time to say my thank you's , Thanks Drew and Vicki for an awesome site and parts warehouse , Thanks to Bill and Pat for another outstanding job ( we could've used a little more drama , lol ) . The folks that helped me with parts , 555trailblazer ( Jerry ) for the great clutch/chain guard , Karterman for the wheel set , Ond ( Eric ) for a piece of tubing for the neck , manchester1 ( Karen ) for another great seat , cattailhaas for the band brake mount , Cory for the decal set and markus for the correct exhaust pipe and last but not least my good friend from Fat Azz Racing Tim for the correct forks ! The great help from so many and parts from all over the country made tis build possible , I hope I didn't miss anyone , Thanks to All !