1. MiniDan99

    Chain doesnt line up: Western Flyer SS300 gets a 3hp Predator

    This is a photo of a bike with the same conversion - don't have a photo of the chain side of the bike. I have a SS300 that needed an the 3hp Predator seemed the logical choice, but the chain doesn't line up. It almost looks like I need add a jackshaft to make it work. The engine is...
  2. chipper

    Chipper's - MTD SS300 - (Vintage Class)

    Well folks I'm in , I know the suspense was Killin ya :biggrin: MTD Western Flyer Trail Bike SS300 , gonna need some love . It has a hokey scrub brake welded on that has to go , the neck tube had been cut down for Cat 250 forks ( those are gone ) , got a crazy re-weld on left side main tube near...
  3. chipper

    MTD Western Flyer SS300

    I have a couple questions on these bikes , 1. does any one have one that can measure the fork plate as I will be making one and want dimensions to make it accurate and for decal size too , also what is the gap ( space ) from fork plate to top and bottom tree ?? 2. Does any one have a pic of the...
  4. chipper

    Mtd western flyer trail bike ss300

    Happy New Year folks , a few parts I'm still trying to round up for my build-off bike . Rear brake assembly , decal and clutch guard .Any help will be greatly appreciated , Thanks
  5. H

    SS300 value

    So since you guys let me know what I have, and the rules for "what is it" say not to ask for value there, I will start this thread. What's it worth? I've seen them posted online for $300+, but are they really worth that much? I know how it works, just because someone is asking that much...

    western flyer ss300 front wheel

    Need a front wheel for my western, i have the 6 bolt hubs just need the two halves of the wheel.
  7. C

    Trail Horse SS300

    Time to thin the heard. Picked this up off ebay a few months back, I pulled it out of the box and stuck it in the corner. I have not tried to get it running, I did source a correct replacement gas tank . Nice little bike, I believe it to be a survivor. There is a stain on the seat that I have...
  8. Ajf

    Trailhorse ss300 survivor on eBay.

    Can't find the eBay Craigslist section but here's a very nice survivor Trailhorse. Has the wrong gas tank but includes the original. I'm no Trailhorse expert but sounds like a great buy it now price for such a nice survivor. Vintage Used Mini Bike Trailhorse Bonanza Rupp Taco Lil Indian Surviver...
  9. xr7gt

    Trail Horse Wizard SS300

    I have been watching an ad locally for an original owner Trail Horse. Last night I was finally was able to get out and see it. The history of this one is his parents bought it new in 1973 for him from a Western Auto in Arizona He was only 7. The next year they moved to Utah. It had been...
  10. 97nismo

    In Search of MTD/Columbia SS300

    Hi New here and restoring my childhood mini. I need these parts and willing to pay good money as its a memory to me I cherish dearly. Needed: good frame front wheel with the black piece that holds the bearings in front removable plate that says trail bike ss300 oem chain guard front and rear...
  11. Biffmini

    Wanted original White grips & peg covers for TH wizard ss300 restoration!!!

    I'm rounding up parts for a restoration project a Trail Horse wizard ss300 I need original throttle with white grips & foot pegs with original white covers. they can be found on Trail Horse / Trail Blazer & Montgomery ward minis. I know I'm asking for hard to find items... I could sweeten...
  12. Biffmini

    Need help on decal size Trail Horse ss300 clutch cover!

    decal set is in the works Need Actual Size on the SS300 clutch cover decal. Thanks! Also looking for the clutch cover Fiberglass copy would be awesome...
  13. Biffmini

    Trail Horse Wizzard ss300 pics. wanted

    Any pics. would be a big help for a up coming restro.& does anyone know if they came with the extra lg. fenders. If so I'm sure those are impossible to find! I wont hold my breath... Thanks
  14. FloridaMiniBikes

    MTD/Columbia Western Flyer SS300 Frame.

    MTD/Columbia Western Flyer SS300 Frame. Looks like it went thru some owner's and changes over the years, with some new custom rear wheel tabs that let it sit higher than stock, great for us old big farts, and will accept a 10 inch wheel, maybe bigger. Foot bar is not stock and I can grind it off...
  15. Fatboy04

    Mtd Western ss300

    Mtd Western ss300 for sale I have a MTD for sale it has a Honda gx200 6.5 HP motor on it as you can see. The only mod I can see is a foot peg bar bolted up front. Located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa and will not ship $400.00 CASH with motor $200.00 without motor
  16. SimpleTom

    This "was" an MTD Western Flyer SS300

    Why do people do things like this? :out: Vintage 1960's Mini Bike Frame Bonanza Rupp Ruttman | eBay
  17. S

    MTD/Western Flyer resto mod

    Hey all. Thanks for stopping by. My dad bought me this minibike for me back when I was 12. I rode it for a while, but it started to have issues sucking gas and at the time I had no idea how to fix it. So I parked it in the shed until I let my younger brother-in-law take it and play with it. It...
  18. H

    Engine for a Western Auto SS300 Trail Bike?

    I just acquired an old SS300 Trail Bike in awesome shape but totally stripped of an engine, all that's left is the frame, fenders, wheels and sprocket. Would like to build it back to its former glory, but I have no idea WHAT engine to use. Hell I have no idea what other parts I need either...
  19. 5horsebriggs

    mtd 300/western flyer ss300

    anyone have a mtd 300 or western flyer ss300? I wanna know if they ride nice and I a 5hp woud fit?
  20. Bobscooters

    Western Flyer SS300 project

    Finished up most of my other projects just waiting on a chain and a clutch for the Thunderbird so started on my Western Flyer, was more rusty than I thought so had to use some rust remover and than sand it down. Still some rust so got some Rust -oleum rust reformer and that did pretty pretty...